Dialog Semiconductor showcases TWR-DLG-DA7321 audio transcoder reference module at Computex Taipei 2013 and 23-inch touch with Dialog multi-touch solution (MTIC) Module. Dialog announced that Freescale's Tower System development platform is equipped with its new DA7321 audio module. In addition, Dialog's multi-touch display sensing IC has also been adopted by Winstron to assist Wistron to provide its PC manufacturer partners Lower cost, high-performance multi-touch module.

Freescale Microcontroller DA7321

Freescale Microcontroller DA7321

The DA7321 is part of the Freescale Microcontroller (MCU) and Microprocessor (MPU) series of product ecosystems, targeting a wide range of audio applications, including small speakers, headphones, docking staTIons, and gaming systems. The DA7321 transcoder uses a multi-channel architecture to digitally mix and transmit multiple audio streams to make audio and volume larger and clearer. The built-in DSP signal processor on the chip can reduce the burden of audio software in the host processor. OEM manufacturers can benefit from more consistent and high-quality audio, greatly improving the user's audio experience. In addition, it saves the trouble of re-encoding data in multi-channel applications.

By using DSP to process audio signals, OEMs using the Freescale Tower System development will also benefit from various advantages: increase the volume of the audio signal released, ensure that the sound of the headphones or speakers is not distorted; enhance psychoacoustic aspects The bass sound can improve the low frequency released; SRS Sound patented technology can improve the audio image quality, bass perception and the strength of the audio system.

Freescale Tower System is a modular and scalable open source development platform for 8, 16, and 32-bit MCUs and MPUs. Its interchangeable, reusable modules and open source design files make it easy for OEMs to customize a product, improve low-level design, and give them more time to focus on developing differentiated solutions.

The DA7321 is available in a 64-pin BGA package with a pitch of 0.5 mm. It is suitable for the temperature range of -40 ° C to + 85 ° C. It is adopted by the Freescale Tower System development platform for the new TWR-DLG-DA7321 peripheral module. DA7321 is available now.

In addition, Wistron is the first ODM customer to adopt Dialog SmartWave DA8901 multi-touch IC (MulTI-Touch Integrated Circuit, MTIC). MTIC is the first chip that uses FlatFrog touch technology on mass-produced consumer electronic products. The system detects and tracks the multi-touch, gestures and force of sensing gloves and other objects through the infrared in the edge-to-edge touch panel, providing users with a more natural and real touch experience , Its performance is more superior than the latest capacitor touch solution, and the cost is relatively low.

For mass production of AIO computers and screen monitors, Wistron has developed a 23-inch SmartWave touch module that can directly replace the current projected capacitor touch module one-to-one, providing OEM manufacturers with low risk, low cost and fast The multi-touch technology on the market without the need to redesign the product.

At present, other optical solutions are required to be framed, unable to meet the performance standards of Windows 8. The DA8901 with FlatFrog touch technology can provide OEM manufacturers with borderless embedded solutions similar to capacitor touch. However, unlike the capacitor-based solution, the DA8901 does not have an indium-tin oxide (ITO) layer, which does not hinder the light intensity of the display. In addition, it has the unique ability to detect high-resolution forces, providing GUI navigation and a brand new user interface for games. At the same time, with an excellent browsing experience and Windows 8 certification, both ODM manufacturers and OEM manufacturers can increase their penetration in the low-cost product market without compromising the performance of their products.

MTIC is suitable for current portable computers, AIO computers, Ultrabooks and screen monitors, especially designed for 11 to 36-inch display screens. MTIC can detect up to 40 points of touch sensing at the same time, using the market-proven FlatFrog planar scattering detection technology (PSD) touch technology to detect changes in the infrared light invested in the touch panel and convert these changes into multiple points Touch indicator. One MTIC can directly drive 12 infrared LEDs, or control a large number of externally driven LEDs. Each chip can also process signals from up to 12 infrared receivers.

A typical Ultrabook, tablet PC or AIO computer usually includes multiple MTICs with master / slave configuration to meet the needs of various screen sizes. Wistron's 23-inch touch module uses a total of 10 DA8901 chips to provide the necessary performance beyond Windows 8 certification standards.

DA8901 is available in 59-pin, 5.7mmX5.0mm QFN package. This product has the characteristics of small size and few external materials. It is very suitable for being mounted on LED transceivers, installed on a thin low-cost printed circuit board on the edge of the touch screen, or installed on the bottom of the touch screen, presenting a borderless Industrial design, very suitable for Windows 8 PCs, tablets and Ultrabooks.

At this week's International Computer Show in Taipei, visitors can witness the first 23-inch touch module display using Dialog MTIC. DA8901 MTIC will start mass production in the third quarter of 2013.

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