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In recent years, e-commerce has developed rapidly. However, there are serious security issues in the development of e-commerce, which is one of the factors restricting the further development of e-commerce. With the development of network technology, fingerprint recognition technology has begun to be used in e-commerce, which can effectively solve the security and other problems in the "user + password" authentication method.

1 Advantages of fingerprint recognition technology

1.1 Uniqueness

According to the relevant theories of fingerprinting, there are no people in the world with identical fingerprints. Not only the fingerprints of different fingers of the same person are different from person to person. The unique characteristics of fingerprints provide a basis for fingerprints to be used in identity authentication.

1.2 Strong stability

Human fingerprints have relatively strong relative stability, and it is difficult to make relatively large changes in a lifetime. Although with the increase of people's age, some changes in the size and appearance of fingerprints may occur, and some new thin line features may appear between the parts of the ridge lines. But on the whole, the overall layout of the ridge pattern and details of the fingerprint of the same finger of the person has not changed significantly. Even if the skin of the finger is injured due to an accident, if the dermis is not injured, the ridge lines can be restored to the original shape after the injury; if the dermis is injured, scars will form after the injury. Although scars damage ridge lines, scars add new and stable features to human fingerprints. The stability of fingerprints can ensure the long-term and effectiveness of customer information security.

1.3 High reliability

Each person's fingerprint is unique. Direct contact between the customer's finger and the fingerprint collection head is the most reliable way to read the biological characteristics of the human body. If you want to increase the reliability of fingerprint recognition, you only need to collect a larger number of fingerprints, and the cost of relying on the number of fingerprints to improve reliability will be lower.

1.4 Fast speed and easy to use

The fingerprint scanner scans fingerprints faster, more convenient to use, and more practical. It is helpful to obtain fingerprint samples. It is easy to develop fingerprint identification systems and fingerprint identification devices are relatively easy to implement.

1.5 Small equipment and low price

At present, the fingerprint collection head has a trend toward miniaturization, which makes it easier to combine the fingerprint collection head with other devices. With the advancement of electronic sensor chip technology, the price of fingerprint collection heads has become lower and lower.

Application of Fingerprint Recognition Technology in Electronic Commerce

2 Basic principles of fingerprint recognition technology

2.1 Collection of fingerprint images

Optical entry technology is currently a relatively mature fingerprint entry technology. When entering fingerprints, customers only need to put their fingers on a platen made of film-coated glass to complete the work of entering finger fingerprint images. The chip entry technology uses sensors based on silicon chips. Customers can directly put their fingers on the surface of the silicon chip to complete the entry of fingerprint images. The scope of application of ultrasonic recording technology is not very wide now. The customer puts his finger on the glass platen, and then starts the ultrasonic scan. At this time, he will feel the vibration and hear the beep.

2.2 Decoding of fingerprint images

After using fingerprint entry technology to obtain a fingerprint image, the next job is to decode the fingerprint image, which requires extracting and analyzing the characteristics of the fingerprint image. The basic characteristics of fingerprints are valleys, divergent points, and end points. Each fingerprint has an average of several different feature points that can be measured. Each feature point has about seven features. A person ’s fingers can have at least 4900 measurable points. Independent feature points.

2.3 Comparison and matching of fingerprint images

After the fingerprint image is extracted, it can be compared and matched according to the feature value and the fingerprint image feature stored in the database. Need to use fuzzy matching algorithm to compare and match these data. With the development of modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology, it is now possible to manufacture relatively small fingerprint image reading devices, which provides conditions for fingerprint comparison and matching operations.

3 Application of fingerprint recognition technology in e-commerce

3.1 Customer registration fingerprint information

(1) Customers take valid personal certificates such as ID cards and submit application forms to banks or agency outlets that handle fingerprint identification services, and then use fingerprint identification devices to collect two to three times the characteristic information of the same finger fingerprint. In order to prevent the accidental injury of fingers, etc., you can also collect the characteristic information of a finger fingerprint.

(2) The system transmits the customer's fingerprint registration number, fingerprint information, password information, etc. to the fingerprint authentication server via the Internet.

(3) The terminal prints the customer's fingerprint registration voucher number, and after the customer confirms the signature, the registered outlet retains the stub, and the other one is handed over to the customer for storage. Customers can also choose to purchase a unified fingerprint information collector at a designated bank or agent outlet.

(4) The customer logs on the network platform and activates his detailed information according to the fingerprint registration number. At this stage, for safety, customers can use E-MAIL activation or mobile phone activation codes and other activation methods.

(5) After the customer completes the registration, they can start using it. Customers who register for the first time can complete the certification under the supervision of the staff of the bank or agency. By using online registration, you can avoid some security vulnerabilities in banks or agency outlets, and also reduce the waiting and processing time for customers to apply for registration.

3.2 Application of fingerprint identification technology in e-commerce identity authentication system

(1) The digital signature and fingerprint template of the registered customer are stored in the authentication server. When the customer uses his own digital signature, the authentication request will be sent to the authentication server.

(2) The authentication server encrypts the authentication time limit generated by the validity of the public key of the registered client and the public key of the authentication server, and then sends it to the client of the authentication request.

(3) After receiving the encrypted authentication time limit sent by the authentication server and the public key of the authentication server, the client preprocesses the collected fingerprints, and then encrypts the extracted fingerprint feature template together with the information sent by the authentication server Send to fingerprint authentication server.

(4) After the authentication server decrypts the received encrypted information, it takes out the fingerprint feature template and the fingerprint feature template of the registered customer in the authentication server for comparison and matching, and judges whether the authentication information sent by the customer is successful.

3.3 Application of fingerprint identification technology in e-commerce online payment system

(1) When a customer wants to make an online payment, he first sends an authentication request to the authentication server of the bank. After the authentication server succeeds, the authentication server will prompt the customer to download the security control. The key is sent to the client.

(2) The client displays the online payment interface, indicating some detailed online transaction information such as consumption amount and order number.

(3) After the customer fills out the online payment information, the system will prompt the customer to perform fingerprint verification. In order to enhance security, the number of fingerprint verifications must be set to not less than three. After the customer passes the fingerprint verification, the system will transmit the fingerprint template encrypted by the customer's digital signature to the fingerprint authentication server.

(4) The authentication server decrypts and then compares and matches fingerprint templates. If the fingerprint template matching and matching is successful, the system will make online payment; if the fingerprint template matching and matching is not successful, the system will not make online payment.

4 Conclusion

With the rapid development of e-commerce today, its security has also attracted more and more attention. The application of fingerprint identification technology in e-commerce can effectively solve the security problems in traditional e-commerce identification and authentication. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, fingerprint recognition technology will be further promoted and applied on a large scale in e-commerce.

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