According to foreign media reports, Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital, an American investment bank, said that Apple will add fingerprint scanning technology to the next generation of iPhones and iPads.

White is currently doing a "technical parade" in Taiwan. According to sources, when talking to people at Computex, the PC industry exhibition in Taiwan, White said, "Fingerprint technology will greatly simplify and speed up the interaction between users and iOS devices."

He firmly believes that fingerprint technology will be a killer feature that will make the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 completely different. Previously, most believed that the two phones were similar.

White said that fingerprint technology will allow users to unlock their phones without entering a password. "Our research shows that users can automatically unlock the phone by simply placing their finger on the HOME key of the iPhone 5S without entering the four-character Apple ID password." White said, "In addition, we believe that this The new features will allow users to make purchases on the iTunes, iBook Store, and App Store more quickly, and also allow them to access the game center faster. "He also predicted that fingerprint technology may be applied to various payment applications And the Apple ticket management app Passbook.

Earlier, venture capitalist and Apple blogger MG-Siegler (MG Siegler) had hinted that he had heard that Apple was developing a biological scanning application for the iPhone.

In addition, last July, Apple spent $ 356 million to acquire Authentec, which has many fingerprint scanning technology patents.

iPhone's next killer feature will be fingerprint scanning

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