Recently, due to the invitation of the G20- LED Summit Organizing Committee, Fujian Wanbang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wanbang Optoelectronics ) officially joined the ranks of the summit members.

Fujian Wanbang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly invested by Fujian Zhongke Wanbang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and listed company Fujing Technology (stock code: 000022). Located in the core area of ​​Huatian Economic Development Zone, Putian, Fujian Province, it covers an area of ​​68 acres, with 47,71 square meters of self-built factory buildings and more than 1,000 employees. It is a development, production and sales of IC research and development, LED packaging and LED lighting products. Comprehensive private enterprise.

The company accepted more than 100 patents, 14 international patents and 9 invention patents with the chairman of the board of directors Mr. He Wenming as the first inventor. The company's products are closely watched by the industry with its unique MCOB packaging method and structure. In March 2010, the company took the lead in realizing the industrialization of 100LM/W lamps and the breakthrough of core technologies such as 3000 hours and 0 light decay.

In accordance with the company's plan, we strive to achieve the listing target within two years. Through 3-5 years of efforts, the company itself will reach a scale of 10 billion.

Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Secretary General of the G20-LED Summit, said: “Wanbang Optoelectronics has 17 years of experience in LED packaging and is able to control cost advantages and technological advantages. This low-cost industrialization model has encountered price bottlenecks in the current LED lighting terminal market. Underneath, it has unique advantages. At the same time, the capital injection of Fujing Technology will undoubtedly bring opportunities for Wanbang Optoelectronics to develop rapidly."

When talking about the Wanbang Optoelectronics to join the G20-LED Summit, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei said: "The G20 brings together the most representative enterprises in the global LED industry chain, as the country has been focusing on the industrialization of LED lighting sources. The promoters, Wanbang Optoelectronics's corporate philosophy is sure to bring impact to the global LED industry."

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