When using the refrigerator, be sure to master the common sense, not only to ensure the life of the refrigerator, but also to eat fresh and healthy food. Now I have collected some questions that need to be paid attention to when storing food in the refrigerator. Which foods can't be put into the refrigerator? [Fruit] If the banana is stored at a temperature below 12 °C,

Our company is specialized in supplying Refrigerant Charging Scale.We have three different kinds of scales including the normal one,the large flow programmable charging scale and wireless charging scale.It applies to wide range of applications, like installation and maintenance of household air conditioner,automobile air conditioner,refrigerator,cold room and other industries which need to charging refrigerant precisely.Our parts have been exported to over 50 countries all over the world and are always got good comment by customers.

Refrigerant Charging Scale

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