The above are the three previous editions of this series. The previous one was a Nokia special event, so basically Nokia is said. Now that the order has become indiscriminate, I will find a new point and start talking down the mobile phone. In fact, this period did not finish all the cell phones I played, but I think that the ending is really suitable for the end of the series. . What are the good contradictions? What should I do? Continue writing or not? Tell me about it.

This happened in November 2004, when I returned home from school because of some things, and then caught up with a big good thing. My dad went to participate in an event, in the first prize, a mobile phone voucher, worth 5,000 yuan. The old man was using Samsung's T108, but it was old but old, and only the battery was not very strong. He told me the vouchers. Didn't you always want to change your mobile phone? Buy it, keep the money and remember to buy two Samsung batteries for me. I was so happy that I took the coupon and went to the mobile phone shop.

When I entered the door, I was attracted by a brand new mobile poster. It was a chess board. At the king's location, it was a mobile phone that looked so bloody - the P910C. I endured and endured, or asked the price, quite amazing, 6,500 yuan, but sent 1G original Sony memory stick.

In 2004, ah, comrades, 1G Sony memory stick sold more than 1,000 pieces, when the brain was hot, decisively said, bought. So he filled in 1,500 private money and bought back this king. When I opened the box, for the first time, I knew that the accessories of the mobile phone were so rich. In addition to a bunch of instructions, in addition to the body of the mobile phone, there was a charger, so-called high-fidelity stereo headset, and one for disassembling. The keyboard's screwdriver and two replacement screws, the protection sleeve is naturally there, the lanyard has always been Sony Ericsson standard, very delicate. Because of the Touch Screen , two stylus pens were sent, and the UFO base was unique to the Bank of China. However, I did not think this thing was useful and basically useless. There was also a 32M Sony memory stick and wipe lens cloth. piece. What I really wondered about was that the "Sony" memory stick sent was actually sandisk. What is this ghost? In short, it was so fucking fun.

Sony's aesthetic, when did you disappoint? Dafa is good!

But in the moment I entered the front door, I suddenly went to the top - I went and my dad gave me 5,000 bucks. Then, I spent all of my time, and I put in 1500 for myself. Samsung's battery didn't buy it. Severing father-son relationship is today -

As it turned out, my dad knew that after spending 1,500 on this one, I almost took the shoes and pumped me. After calm and calm, he used my only mobile phone knowledge to ask me a question: You How many megapixels do phone pictures?

I go! Suddenly asked about the short board.

"Three, three hundred thousand..." "I killed you!!!!!!!!"

In fact, on this mobile phone, I would like to say more than just these. Let me share with you some of my experiences: First of all, the advantage is handsome. It looks really handsome. Silver and gray with a very loaded force, jelly button style is better than the predecessors P908, the screen resolution is strange 320208, now looks no bright spots, but comrades, this is 2004, ah, close to the Q screen resolution, It's amazing - but after the coolest flip, there was a complete QW keypad. This leads me to nothing but do the following: Take out the phone - open the flip and let the screen light up - look at the time - close - put in the pocket. This loading effect should be full score in 2004.

What are the disadvantages? First, work or general, I used Sony Ericsson mobile phones, work has never been its strengths; Second, the UIQ system is anti-human, anyway, I am completely loveless, cumbersome, and inefficient, once forgot Manually clean the background, it will be stuck; Finally, the button, although the jelly button looks good, but feel bad, large keyboard keys are very hard, press the sound to make the phone look very cheap, but the internal keypad, although installed Forced first-class results, but it took less than three months ... ... string keys. Later, I went to the forum of 910 and found that it was the best of the world. I was drunk.

I have to say so much about the experience. Next, I must tell everyone how this cell phone left me. I remember very clearly that it was one night. Before that night, I had started to download compressed movies on the mobile phone using the Symbian UIQ smart theater. When I was busy drumming my mobile phone, three men surrounded me. A little man pointed at me and said to him.

Later I learned that they said that I had beaten their brother and they had discounted legs. I relieved that I did not. They said, then you go downstairs and let my brother look at you. He may be wrong. So I went downstairs and just got downstairs, a knife to withstand me: the phone was handed out. I understand that I was robbed.

I didn’t give it away. I gave the phone to others. I felt like a sharp knife cut a hole. I didn’t feel anything at the beginning. I felt reeling and comfortable. However, I saw the tear in my eyes and flowed. Bleeding, that sort of pain suddenly let me vent my fear together. I do not believe what the man has tears, I do not believe it is only because it is not upset. I cried out of breath and I hated myself forcing myself to hate myself for seizing. I ended up calling my home phone with a public phone. I was greeted with a scold, and I burst into tears again. In fact, I was left crying. The pain is far less than the confession of the heart. I must have been too showy, leading to being targeted by the thief. At that age, I didn't know how to be introverted, so I lost my favorite mobile phone - youth absurdity and negative love.

Therefore, even if I have used an expensive mobile phone from this mobile phone, it will not show off. It is just one of my favorite partners, one's taste and ability, which cannot be set off with a mobile phone.

Although I have been saying that UIQ is anti-human, but I really love Sony Ericsson, so when I chose to send my girlfriend a mobile phone, I chose to look at her now. The feeling that this cell phone gave me at the time was that - like Apple's products, especially white, the United States turned over. However, after the mobile phone was bought, we found that Sony Ericsson once again used black technology to flicker us. The design of the press button on the one-half side of the button really makes people wait for the designer to send a blade. So the phone calls and calls are all good, but once it is involved, The operation, even texting, can not wait for people to want to die. Not to mention playing games - what games to play! Where does the game let you download! Download you have to delete! You don't even know how to quit the game! Not to mention how to delete it!

This value is not left behind now.

Well, the M608's advantages: good-looking, face value; work is the best I've ever used! The rest are shortcomings.

The girlfriend held her nose for a while and finally got used to its operation, and then sold it. (All: What is your logic?) Then, the dog food came and we were married. His girlfriend became a wife, and some romantic stuff is still necessary to create. For example, buy a pair of couples. At that time, Apple had turned out, but iPhone1 is very imperfect, and many places even make people feel ridiculous, so I originally favored the iPhone, but my wife did not like it, she prefers Sharp's 9020. As long as my wife likes it, what can't it be? buy! On the eve of Valentine's Day in 2009, two Sharp 9020s were handed, and we were all black. The two black 9020s were really cool and cool. Price, each 6,200 yuan, you are not too expensive, which is not necessarily available. I also bore a bored child, Sharp is how to engage in, when there are 6010 and 1810 and 8010 have goods, only 9010 and 9020 out of stock. Especially the 9020, not only out of stock, but also the price increase, 6200 has been the price of anti-day, but it has risen to 6500, but still a variety of stocks - so the first one I bought will actually increase the price Mobile phone, the answer is Sharp 9020C, you guessed right?

At the time, the photo was so bad that the bed sheets felt very wooden!

Speaking of Sharp's machine, the playability is really low. Its main selling point is a good look. The screen is really not covered. In 2009, with a resolution of 800480, Apple had to hide it. This mobile phone is very comfortable to watch video. The screen goes across and the mini high-definition theater is reached. However, when it comes to advantages, it is probably only the screen. It is a lot of shortcomings - small voice, low scalability and the like. However, before I bought it, I have seen evaluations and I understand these shortcomings. It's like getting married. Your partner can't be perfect. You need to accept his shortcomings. Two people can be together. In the blink of an eye is my birthday, my wife said, you like iPhone so much, just buy one. You have endured three generations from generation to generation, and you have to endure very hard. Buy one and buy 3GS, the best (at the time).

In this way, my iPhone's career began, and the start was not low. It actually started from the iPhone 3GS. I think that I have used iPhone1, iPhone3G and 3GS friends, you will definitely have a say on the 3GS - about the advantages of this phone, I really do not need to say, smooth operation, rich software, handsome appearance, at that time There is really nothing to be picky about. Although the 9020 has a 90-degree turn of the screen gimmick, although it's resolution spike 3GS, but then I said to my wife, you do not use the iPhone, because when you use the iPhone, you will not want to use any other mobile phone .

When I got iPhone 4, I really felt so excited.

But I would like to say that I really want to say that Nokia at this moment is still the first share of the Chinese market and even the world market. It does not foresee any disruption that Apple will bring to the mobile phone market, but continues to indulge. In his own Saipan empire can not extricate themselves.

I have always said that N95 and N95 8G are the peak times of Nokia, and now I think about it, probably Nokia thinks so. Since then, its flagship has never sold 9999 again in Taihe Electronics City, and it has entered an era of excitement and confusion. N96 loose, compared to the 95 8G upgrade than the Honda Civic rose from the eight generations to the nine generations also pit father, N85 soup does not change the drug, the screen is indeed bright and power, but the news of cracking keys frequently appear in the forum. A mobile phone that wins on a face value will crack. It's just as ridiculous and helpless as Lin Zhiying's outfit is exposed. Do not mention this machine is also equipped with NG game platform, with what, take the phone keyboard can play games. At that time, as you all know, iphone1 has turned out, I really dismissed Apple's mobile phone, I feel a touch screen mobile phone without a pen, can be used wherever to go, can not change ringtones , various restrictions, really a very funny mobile phone. So I firmly wait for the N97. I believe Nokia will not disappoint us. It wasn’t until a friend bought the N97 that it was too hard to use. After Nokia finished, he threw 97 for me and used it for an iphone.

It’s a flagship look, but it’s so hard to use

At that time, I decisively laughed at him. I said that you don't know much about North Korea. Such a large touch screen also has a full keyboard and a touch screen pen. Perfect, no matter where you look, it will kill the iPhone. It must be that you cannot understand the system. Mystery. I don’t think I’ve spent more than one week and I’ve discovered that I don’t know what I’m remembering—I’ve never used such a hard-to-use Nokia in my life. Saipan V5 is not awesome at all, and lame like a semi-finished product.

At that time I began to try to contact iphone1, and the result was really shocked. The screen is very handsome, I think this is not just a problem of resolution, because I mentioned before the Nokia 7710, the resolution is higher than the iphone1, but how not look like iphone handsome. Handsome is on the one hand, mainly experience, touch screen feeling is also very good, the original capacitive screen is this way - in short, all kinds of comfortable. At that time, it seems that using the iphone hasn't installed B yet. It will be despised when it is bought, and it's thought that it is money to be something outside.

The fall of the market and the decline in word-of-mouth began at that time. Everyone was discussing how to strangle apples, but they were all helpless. In this case, I think the best opportunity came, and that is the so-called iphone 3G release. This so-called second-generation iphone only added 3G network support and GPS, and then turned the metal backshell into plastic (which, in our opinion, is a step backwards), there is no improvement at all. At that time, the fool could see that Apple had a mobile phone once a year. In other words, Nokia had a year to adjust the product line and then beat Apple.

But nothing happened. In that year, my beloved Nokia changed its name from technology to shell-based technology and changed its name to this one. Nine of the derivative products of 5800 alone, let alone 5530 and 5230. A mess of things. Nokia watched the rotten egg of Saipan V5 and watched the market bite away. I really think that iPhone3G is the most difficult and most unsuccessful product in iPhone history, but along with Nokia’s inactive year, iphone 3G sold quite well, so when 3GS came out, although I personally think it’s Nokia’s Good Opportunity - Apple's shells are too lazy to change, and the CPU and memory are replaced directly. However, it is still framed, various types of collapse, N900 like a simple silly ×, so a good dog system, then the flagship of Niubi, do not know what kind of arguments and market research, even do not know how to die dead. For a while, the so-called Nokia flagship turned out to be the C6, a sliding, ugly N97. Of course, Nokia really worked hard. They upgraded Saipan V5 and upgraded to Saipan 3 system. But I don't think this is of any use, because Apple started from 3G and turned out to be shocked by its stores. Is its ecosystem. When Nokia was at a good time in the mountains and rivers, it was too bad to fail to do this. However, when Apple had already exposed its fangs, it still did not do it and gave up its ecology. This was a mistake in decision-making. Many years later, we can all gnaw on toothpaste after tea. It's ironic how Nokia, the giant, was shot in the Achilles heel, but believe me, you bought 5230 when you had no money. Yes, Nokia’s market share was still the number one at that time, but it has fallen in the high-end market.

This goods is also considered flagship? Did you tease me about Nokia?

I already started to persuade my friends around to buy an apple, and then I had my own 3GS when I got to my birthday. By the way, although the 3GS is just 3G CPU and memory, but it is a qualitative leap, refreshing, really refreshing, the kind of excitement, I really want to throw the N97 on the ground crush.

I think, when Nokia really wanted to be serious, iphone4 came out, there is no chance, it is simply a spike. The retina screen, Niubi configuration, impeccable, despite any antenna door, but still can not stop everyone's love of it. When I put iphone4 in my hand and put it down, did you remember where did you go? What product do you have? N8? C7? And what about the four horns, X7? Forget it, it makes no sense to think of it.

How can we not say this shape first, but four speakers really this configuration is not cottage it?

Many years ago, in the era of the Nokia 3310, there was a saying that there was money and no culture. To use Nokia, I think it was particularly appropriate in 2011. Although Nokia's advertisements were also widely distributed at the bus station that year, I vaguely saw the back of a dynasty. What's even more frightening is that, since I suddenly started from that time, the mobile phones have become very unattractive. They only have a big face. They only have a touch screen.

I can no longer see MOTO's big and complete, because it is dead, it was half of the time it sold to Google, sold to Lenovo was completely dead. Do you still remember the emotions and music that E398 brought to you? Remember the blade texture brought by MOTOv3? Remember the audio and video shock of the E680? Do you remember the transparent clamshell surprises brought by the Ming 1200? No, MOTO is gone, and even that motor is no better. We have to advertise the stalks and bury them in the depths of the years.

I do not see Sony's agility and wisdom, because it is not the original it, and after LT18I's stunning, it has been wholly owned by Sony, into the black technology. It is waterproof, it is beautiful, it has numerous fans of Dafa, but its market share is barely visible. We would like to admire and inspire Sony's adherence to the mobile phone market, but we also want to ask: Where did you go when you made the T618 K700 P910 W800, especially the W800? The W800 is definitely a mobile phone. It doesn't have a big screen or an intelligent system, but it is a real mobile phone of the year. The Slovaks have gone. Perhaps we only miss the one left for us.

My most heart-rending thing is that Nokia has gone to death and I will never see Nokia again. Although I feel that Nokia’s death is the reason for it, it really does not prevent it from stop-loss when it is constantly launching garbage. classic. I have never forgotten the shock brought about by NG and QD. I have unforgettable memories of the 7610, memorable 7600 unique, unforgettable 7710's hard to use (囧), unforgettable N95 is a memorable gift my wife gave me forever, unforgettable NOKIA brings us Those who touched and hoped.

However, now there is no, nothing is gone. Everybody is bigger than anyone else's screen, faster than anyone else, and even less like the photographer than the one who photographed them. The mobile phone may be such a destiny. It has just begun to show people's identity and Status, and then to highlight the person's personality and taste, and then to become an ordinary household appliances, you and him, use the same things, experience the same experience. Therefore, we can remember our moving and beautiful under such a bad post, and then there is no more, isn't it?

This may be the progress of the times, but I do not agree.

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