Google, which has become Alphabet, is already a year old. Did it really grow during this year? Or is it saying that it is standing still?

Although Google’s CEO Larry Page didn’t say exactly why the name was called at the time, this restructured new company is still very much anticipated by investors. Under the wing of Alphabet, Google can make every effort to develop its own business, and earns a lot from search, advertising, Chrome, YouTube, and Android. At the same time, Alphabet has the ability to control crazy plans that seem to be bad checks (such as robots, moon landings, internet balloons, etc.), and this part of the decision of Alphabet's future projects has become the company's new department - "other business."

Alphabet's stock price fluctuation within one year

Initially, it was renamed Alphabet to retain talents like Pichchai and to facilitate the Group’s next acquisitions. In addition, the restructuring also made the company's projects more transparent.

Retaining Pichchai was indeed a farsighted vision of Larry Page, the young Indian who helped Google consolidate his core business. However, the completion of the latter two goals is not very good. They have neither acquired any major companies nor disclosed details of their own R&D projects. In fact, our only impression of “other business” is that it is a bottomless pit of money-burning. To make this part of the business an important force that can compete with Google’s main business, it’s probably not realistic at the moment.

Alphabet's investment flow

In the past year, Google has continued to grow and grow. Its revenue in the previous quarter reached US$21.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of astonishing 21%. However, the "other business" departments may not have such a good life. In the past year, they have directly lost $3.7 billion in funds, but they have only contributed $500 million to Alphabet's revenue.

Alphabet "Other Business" Performance

Right now, Alphabet's “other businesses” include Google Fiber, a super-fast network, Boston Dynamics, a robot company, and Nest, an Internet of Things, home company. However, Nest's CEO has left the company last year. He said the company's working environment is "toxic." And Boston Dynamics is on the verge of being sold, passing the future Toyota will take over.

Last year, the New York Times author wrote that Google's restructuring is to "maintain its own innovator's leading edge." But from the current signs, Alphabet is still the company that depends on advertising to make a living. However, Wall Street is not worried about this, Alphabet's share price is the best proof, in the past year, they even completed the Apple's overtaking several times in market value.

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