[Text|High-tech LED reporter Wen Zhao] With the development of domestic LED lighting enterprises' scale and technology maturity, the price and performance of LED lighting products are gradually accepted by the market. Secondly, the continuous implementation of the “ban” in the world is also The demand channel for LED indoor lighting products has been continuously opened, and the LED indoor lighting market has been growing rapidly, especially in the export market.

According to customs data, in 2014, China's LED lighting products exported US$9.22 billion, up 68.6% year-on-year, and the growth rate was significantly faster than last year. According to the statistics of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), China's LED indoor lighting sector accounts for more than 70% of exports.

Throughout the 2014 China LED lighting products export market, we can summarize the following characteristics: 1. The overseas market continues to develop, and the demand in emerging markets is growing rapidly; 2. The proportion of LED lighting products through trade, logistics and import and export enterprises is rising rapidly. 3, the price of special application lighting products such as surgical lights, explosion-proof lights, stage lights, etc. is not falling; 4, indoor lighting, the demand for ceiling lamps is falling significantly, panel lights and downlights are growing rapidly.

Specifically, in 2014, the top ten products of China's LED lighting products were: lamps, bulbs, spotlights, panel lights, light strips, downlights, stage lights, floodlights, garden lights, street lights. In terms of export growth rate, the growth rate of the top ten products was above 29%, of which panel lights and floodlights grew rapidly, with an increase of more than 110%.

In recent years, the domestic lighting demand has increased rapidly, and the scale of the domestic market has begun to expand. Coupled with the differences in national certification, it has also induced a group of formerly export-oriented enterprises to increase their layout in the domestic market since last year. . In this regard, Nie Pengxiang, chairman of the survey and test, believes that although the demand in the international market will increase greatly, with the increase in access requirements and the strengthening of market supervision, the huge overseas market will only become more and more difficult. "Opportunities will only be presented to those who are prepared. Enterprises should understand their own advantages. If they do foreign trade, they should not feel that the domestic market will do better because your channels, models and customers are different. Therefore, be cautiously optimistic. Exploring the overseas market for LED lighting."

Nie Pengxiang boldly predicted that 2015 will be a year of significant differentiation in the LED industry. In the new year, no matter where you are in the supply chain, you may encounter the best opportunities and may suffer major setbacks. With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market and the continued decline in prices, the sweet spot to open a huge overseas market is coming. However, when the demand for high-speed products is slammed by the ever-changing changes in market rules, you can see the winners of the spring breeze, and the frustrated people will not be a minority.

“Overseas customers are relatively less sensitive to prices than domestic ones. Compared with the domestic market, the requirements for product specifications, quality, delivery, etc. are very demanding.” Talking about this, Nie Pengxiang said that as a product for the LED industry Supporting and technical services organizations, while helping overseas buyers to ensure good quality, the incentive testing hopes to help more Chinese companies break overseas technical trade barriers in 2015, improve technical standards to meet or even exceed targets. Market access requirements to maintain an unimpeded export and reach a better tomorrow.

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