Various information and publicity activities of automobile LED headlights, LED modified work lights and various high-bright xenon lamps, original stabilizers and so on. From the end of March to the beginning of April, the situation of Henan prefecture-level cities, the actual operation status of the stores of Henan traditional lamps and the upgrade of the lights are very different.
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LED headlights become the new favorite
Most of the storefronts generally introduce hot-selling automotive electronics products of various brands, such as automobile headlight assemblies, automotive LED headlights, high-brightness xenon lamps, and slightly sold stores, which are shipped directly from Guangdong manufacturers. From the car owner's enthusiasm and product sales profit status, car LED headlights have become a new favorite of many auto accessories wholesalers.
Headlight assembly, due to the 4S shop's interception of new models, and the limited installed models of the assembly, as well as many stores to watch the stability of the product and other reasons, resulting in the headlight assembly in the traditional channel is temporarily watching more. Less paying. Instead, the 4S shop is throwing an olive branch on the new model.
Traditional car lighting (light source) is polarized. Most of them are complaining about price wars. The profits are too thin. The auto parts in the city are only 100 yuan or less. Do not dare to prepare for large-scale wholesale, new products every month, if there is no 4S shop resources, simply do not dare to take the initiative to prepare for promotion. The barrier to entry is low, and the salesman or technician in the store will jump out and go straight to work with a little bit of resources.
However, in China, it seems that there is no shortage of market demand, and the lack of business philosophy and excellent team. Most prefecture-level cities and even county towns in Henan have stores that have a single storey month to refit lenses or install 30 xenon lamps, which are well-managed and hot business. However, from the overall situation, the following features seem to have become common:
Have a good lead brother
A loyal, diligent, and technically savvy shop owner is actually involved in the store operation, occasionally playing a few lenses to upgrade the lights, in a relatively small industry circle, whether it is peers or customers, The word-of-mouth effect spreads quite quickly.
Have a strong brand awareness
The price warfare is full of flying, and it is difficult for the owner to take the initiative to consult, open the *** yuan package installation, the owner turned to other homes installed, and finally puzzling. In fact, to find out the needs of car owners, the first push brand lights, there are also cheap, so the transaction rate will be several percent higher, so that everyone is easier to remember.
Dare to invest
After selecting a spurt brand, after the two sides established strategic cooperation, the regular supply would dare to stock up. This is a magic weapon that can meet the timeliness of delivery and grasp the customer in the first time. At the same time, the store must display and display, there must be an atmosphere, such as the headlight assembly and the car LED light source, the best image of the power show, good store modified lenses and lights upgrade, there must be professional lighting equipment, and dimming Equipment, seeing is believing, coupled with unique and unique in-store promotions, it is easier to stimulate consumer enthusiasm. Doing a good job in WeChat marketing, learning from the group and learning from each other is also an aspect of excellent store owners who dare to spend time and energy, so that there will be great gains in perseverance.
Have expertise
Adapt to local conditions, wait for opportunities, become a local 4S shop headlight supplier, or provide a fixed loading construction for the steam trade shop, or serve a car club and fixed units, or the most professional lamp upgrade technology, Or for the county city size car beauty shop delivery construction in the most timely. There is always a specialty that is difficult for others to imitate and transcend, and is an important weight for its multiple profit channels.

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