The popularity of digital television also allows digital TV set-top boxes to enter millions of households. However, some homes have more than one digital TV. What is the problem if the set-top boxes are not enough? Buying one is too wasteful. At this time, digital TV set top box sharers appeared, which solved this problem very well.

Introduction of TV Digital Set-top Box Sharer

The TV digital set-top box sharing device we talked about is actually similar to a typical TV set-top box, but there is a certain difference. This kind of sharing device can allow different rooms to watch the same channel of digital TV without using a set-top box at the same time. If you want to see different channels, you can decrypt it and you can read it.

Preparation for installation of TV digital set top box sharer
The installation of a TV set-top box sharer must be fully prepared. In the general store, this product is sold as a complete set, including: the main controller, dedicated distributor, dedicated user box, infrared receiver, etc., priced at more than 100 yuan, there are higher prices, to see What features do you want?

Installation of TV Digital STB Sharer

1. Connect the limited TV subscriber line to a dedicated distributor.
2. Replace the ordinary cable TV subscriber box with a dedicated subscriber box.
3, according to the instructions written on the AV cable, cable TV and other devices and make the correct link.
4, a good link can boot detection, under normal circumstances can be implemented remote control operation.

TV set top box sharer use method

1. Place the top of the set-top box before launch and correspond to the position accepted by the remote control so that the panel is aligned to the same place.
2, using the IR extension cable included with the product, this method is suitable for the case where the set-top box and the host are not together, use a 3.5mm line inserted behind the transmitter, the other head of the purple transmitter is glued to the set-top box remote controller to accept The location also enables remote set top boxes at the receiving end.
3. Place the transmitter and set-top box face to face. It also enables remote control of set-top boxes.

Digital TV set-top box sharer application scope

1. Applicable to companies with more TV sets such as hotels, hospitals, saunas, large restaurants, rental houses, and factory dormitories.
2. One device can modulate 4 set-top boxes into 4 channels, and 40 sets-top boxes + 10 sets of T8004 output 40 channels to each room on the floor.
3, the equipment is simple to install, do not re-wiring and change the original line, set-top boxes concentrated in the engine room, convenient hotel management, not easily stolen.
4. Applicable to hotels that need to increase satellite channels, allowing all rooms to watch satellite programs such as: Phoenix TV, European football, etc.
5, can be self-hosted channels, such as hotel hospitals to play their own ads, school-run teaching channels, song and dance halls, restaurants wedding live broadcast.

Digital TV set-top box sharer advantages

1, the price is more affordable.
2. The installation does not require rewiring and will not destroy the existing decoration style.

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