Speaking of Youku Potato, iQIYI, Tencent Penguin, PPTV, and Sohu, are these names really good? If you talk about Universal Television, a good friend, a good student, you listen to TV, when you gather these names, are you the same as the landlord?

The maturity of smart TV technology, and the constant affinity for prices, and the increasing popularity of smart TVs, these traditional video giants have reason to enter the OTT industry on their own merits. After the first two years of smooth sailing, they have seized their respective hills. And their names are called - One Movie, Galaxy Bizarre, Penguin Cloud Audiovisual, Flying Fox, or the company's real name, or the image of a corporate logo. It is almost at a glance who is whose mother and who is who. ! Then the question comes, if I tell you that the aggressive names mentioned at the beginning of the article are the names of the ones they are about to replace, are you silently saying "I'm going!"

Are they looking for something?
Really not!

The Internet video industry is divided into a mobile PC terminal and a television terminal. The former belongs to the jurisdiction of Culture B, and the latter belongs to the jurisdiction of Guang D. Therefore, for the regulatory authorities, everything must be repeated, including the name. Do not ask why, because there is no reason, this point we often feel in the previous study and life! Do not try to reason with XX, because he does not justify it!

At the 2016 Asia-Pacific OTT Ecology Conference held some time ago, the deputy editor-in-chief of Oriental Guoguang, Yu Yingying, introduced the refinement of the OTT industry policy. In summary, it is the unified standard of network and television and unified management.

The “No. 56 Order” issued by the SARFT in January 2008 is a set of complete management regulations for Internet audio-visual program services, in which a lot of detailed specifications are defined for audio-visual program services provided by video websites. The “No. 181 Document” of October 2011 is a series of management and operation requirements for OTT TV license operating agencies. For the first time, the integration of Internet TV services and content services require the detailed definition of “license management”. The “No. 229 Document” launched in September 2015 further clearly stated that operating non-compliant OTT business is not only a violation but also rises to the crime level. The “Order No. 6” just launched in April 2016 clearly requires that only state-owned or state-controlled media companies be able to engage in audio-visual program information network dissemination services for private networks or targeted communication networks, including mobile TV.

At the same time, for the management of audiovisual program content, the relevant state management departments have also introduced a series of relevant regulations. The "42 Order" was issued in September 2004 in an earlier period. This is a regulatory requirement for the introduction of overseas content in the field of radio and television. After 10 years, the “Document No. 204” promulgated in September 2014 and officially implemented on April 1, 2015 is a standardized requirement for the introduction and dissemination of overseas content on the Internet video platform. The introduction of overseas program content must be reported in advance. , and made a quota limit.” The latest “Order No. 5” was jointly promulgated by the SARFT and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on February 14, 2016, reaffirming that online publishing services, audio-visual program network dissemination services, including games, may not be used by foreign capital, The joint venture is engaged and will be implemented from March 10. From the point of view of the promulgation of the above-mentioned government decree, the OTT and IPTV industries have stipulated more and more detailed from policy to content supervision.

On the whole, it is unified management, cutting off contact with the past as far as possible at the surface level, starting again, and accepting supervision under a unified mode and operation.

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