Features of DID LCD screen

1. High brightness

Compared with TV and PC LCD screens, DID LCD screens have higher brightness. The brightness of the TV or PC LCD screen is generally only 250 ~ 300cd / m2, while the brightness of the DID LCD screen can reach more than 700 cd / m2.

2. High contrast

The DID LCD screen has a contrast ratio of 1200: 1 or even 10000: 1, which is more than double that of traditional PC or TV LCD screens and three times that of general rear projection.

3. Better color saturation

At present, the color saturation of ordinary CRT is only about 50%, and DID LCD can achieve high color saturation of 80% -92%. This is thanks to the color calibration technology developed for DID products. Through this technology, in addition to the still picture In addition to color calibration, color calibration can also be performed on dynamic pictures, so as to ensure the accuracy and stability of the picture output.

4. Wider angle of view

PVA (Patterned VerTIcal Alignment) technology is the "vertical image adjustment technology", using this technology, the viewing angle can reach dual 180 ° (horizontal and vertical).

5. Better reliability

Ordinary LCD screens are designed for TVs and PC monitors, and do not support continuous use day and night. DID LCD screens are designed for monitoring centers and display centers and support continuous use for 7x24 hours.

6. Pure flat display

The LCD is a representative of flat panel display devices, and is a true flat-screen display with a large picture without curvature and no distortion.

7. Ultra-thin narrow side design

DID products have the advantages of large display area, thin thickness and light weight, which can be easily spliced ​​and installed. The splicing dedicated LCD screen, with its excellent narrow-edge design, makes the edge of the single piece even below 1 cm, so that the small edge effect will not affect the overall display effect of the entire display.

8. Uniform brightness, stable image without flicker

Since every dot of the LCD keeps the color and brightness after receiving the signal, unlike the CRT, it needs to constantly refresh the pixel dots. Therefore, the LCD has uniform brightness, high picture quality and absolutely no flicker.

9, 120HZ double frequency refresh frequency

The 120Hz frequency doubling liquid crystal display technology of DID products can effectively solve the smearing and blurring during the rapid movement of the image, enhance the clarity and contrast of the image, make the picture clearer, and it is not easy for the human eye to watch for a long time.

10. Longer service life

The service life of the backlight of ordinary LCD screens used by NB, PC and TV is 10,000 to 30,000 hours, while the service life of the backlight of DID LCD screens can reach more than 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which ensures The consistency of the brightness, contrast and chromaticity of each LCD screen used in the spliced ​​display after long-term use, and to ensure that the service life of the display is not less than 50,000 hours.

DID liquid crystal display system composition structure

The DID liquid crystal display system is composed of three major parts, namely a splicing display wall, a multi-screen splicing processor and a signal source. Among them, the multi-screen splicing processor is the core of the key technology, which supports the display of images of different pixels on the large-screen display wall and any window, zoom-in and zoom-out, and cross-screen roaming display on the large-screen display wall.

Application of DID LCD splicing display system

The large-screen splicing picture is magnificent and the visual impact is strong. It has a good effect of display, demonstration, advertisement and publicity. And it is easy to install, not limited by space, and its application fields are widely used in: power production dispatch control center, military command and control center, city management emergency command center, traffic management command center, industrial process control display system, radio and television display and monitoring system, Shopping malls, hotels, communication information display systems, financial securities information display systems, government enterprise multimedia video conference display systems, mining safety production monitoring systems, urban environment monitoring and command systems, fire, weather, maritime flood control command systems, airport, subway flight display, Baggage, security monitoring system, theater, media advertisement, exhibition display system, brand specialty store image display system, concert, display equipment rental ...

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