[Text|High-tech LED reporter Gan Qin] As a well-known phosphor and lighting application company in China, Xinli Light Source has obtained more than 100 patents for rare earth luminescent materials, including 56 invention patents and 10 international patents, ahead of domestic counterparts. . At this year's high-tech LED lighting exhibition, Xinli Light Source will bring a series of adaptive phosphors and non-driven AC LED light engine products to debut.

Zhao Kun, vice president of Xinli Light Source, said, “The adaptive phosphor developed by the company can significantly reduce the light output performance of the chips in each band after stimulating the phosphor, which can effectively improve the 'BIN' concentration of the LED light source and reduce the color temperature and light. Optical performance dispersion such as effect and color rendering index, thereby increasing chip yield."

According to Zhao Kun, the so-called adaptive phosphor means that the phosphor can be applied to four or more bands of blue light chips at the same time, and the falling BIN is at the same color temperature.

Xinli Light Source Adaptive Phosphor

“The phosphor is suitable for packaging light, high power and other lighting sources, which can greatly improve the light efficiency.” Zhao Kun said, “The company can be customized for customers, that is, provide customized services to fully meet customer needs and use differences. Products to improve core competitiveness."

In addition, Xinli Light Source will also bring undriven AC LED light engine products to participate in the exhibition. Through the research on adaptive phosphor technology, AC direct drive technology, phosphor conversion device and flow hydration process, the integrated package device is realized to realize photoelectric integration. The LED lighting module is applied to indoor and outdoor lighting products with high performance and low cost requirements, and has strong replacement ability, which can improve the reliability of the application products.

Xinli light source shooting light engine

Xinli Light Source Tube Light Engine

"Our new generation of AC LED light engine, based on the previous generation of light engine, achieve higher photoelectric performance, better light color consistency, smaller size, and easy assembly into various types of LED lighting products." Zhao Kun said The product is still in the promotion stage in the mainland, but the response in the overseas market is very good, the market share has risen very quickly, and has been well received by customers.

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