Why is the Internet of Things bigger than the Internet?

When referring to the Internet of Things, most of the partners’ first impressions were the words used by the government and the companies that built the XX Industrial Park. They did not use the word “internet” and they were quite disdainful.

Well, here I'm going to look at it from another perspective. What is the real Internet of Things? The Internet of Things is so rampant. You probably don't know.

One of them. The Internet of Things is not a large and invisible sensor network. It is not a tangible communication network. It is not even related to a certain technology.

The first definition of the Internet of Things in foreign countries was the IOT (Internet of Things), which was transformed into a sensor network (from the concept of “perceived China”) where the leaders of enterprises and government were more easily understood. Some companies are simply called Sensor network, even called RFID logistics network. This is very grounded and simple, but it actually limits the definition of the Internet of Things and misleads a large audience. Except for some government-enterprise projects and industrial parks, the Internet industry and IOT entrepreneurs are shy to say that they are engaged in the Internet of Things. Even if they speak out, they have been tainted by investors. “What is broken?” "I'm still stunned by me," and I'm not afraid of jokes. The old bear also had several similar experiences.

However, Nest was married to the Google incident, but it left everyone with mixed feelings. Hey and grudges were endless. Well, it's true that Nest is the right thing for the Internet of Things, but it's not because of how powerful IoT technology is, not even the two sensor products, but the others.

Second. The Internet of Things is not an extension of the Internet hardware or an extension of the content. It is a new river, a lake that is much larger than the Internet.

For more than 20 years, the Internet has helped people solve information sharing and interactions, subverted many traditional business models in an instant, and sold products to sell content and services. This is a remarkable industrial achievement. Lei Jun said earlier: "There is no so-called Internet company in the future." "Every company in the future becomes an Internet company." This river is big enough.

However, understanding from the division of labor, the Internet is still only part of the Internet of Things, mainly IT services. The Internet of Things because of its "connected everything" feature ("connecting everything" is the first signpost of Ma Huateng's future at the WE conference in 2013), it has many new features that the Internet does not have. For example, the Internet has connected all people and information content to provide standardized services, and the Internet of Things has to consider a variety of hardware integration, the use of multiple scenarios, and differences in people's habits. Compared to the Internet, the Internet of Things requires more in-depth content and services, more differentiated applications, and more humanity. This is consistent with the constant pursuit of a better service experience. This is just a constant change. .

Therefore, it can also be asserted that all companies in the future are Internet of Things companies. They enjoy the conveniences of the Internet of Things, use the Internet of Things tools and technologies to produce IoT products and provide people with Internet of Things services. So, is the Internet of Things, like the Internet, first of all a way of thinking? The answer is self-explanatory.

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