The construction department of Qinghai Province requires that the solar energy utilization of buildings should be based on the advantages of solar energy resources in Qinghai Province. Based on the construction of solar energy industry bases, the introduction and digestion of domestic and foreign mature and advanced solar energy utilization technologies will accelerate the integration of solar energy buildings and the development of solar energy industry. Public buildings, affordable housing, low-rent housing, and projects involving government investment or government subsidies for government agencies and institutions should adopt solar energy technology for building and integrate solar energy with buildings.

Buildings use solar energy to gradually be extended from existing buildings to existing buildings. Large residential buildings, public buildings, and hot water consumers should actively use solar water heating systems to concentrate on solar energy. Accelerate municipal roads in urban areas, and promote the promotion of solar green lighting and solar hot water, heating in residential buildings and public buildings. Select conditional public facilities or residential communities as demonstration points for building energy conservation and solar energy utilization, and strive to build Xining City into a national demonstration base for building solar energy industrialization.

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