The 2008 Olympic venues are a grand project of the world. Inspired by the "Green Olympics", green energy-saving lighting has become the main theme of Olympic venue design. To this end, many well-known enterprises and designers at home and abroad have thrown hydrangea on the Olympic venue lighting design project, and Sanxiong Aurora is no exception – because it is a rare event in a hundred years.

Sanxiong·Aurora participated in the bidding of all venues with professional design level, excellent product quality and perfect service system. Through fierce bidding, Sanxiong·Aurora Lighting products were recognized by the state and successfully applied. “Bird's Nest, Laoshan Bicycle Hall, National Convention Center, Peking University Gymnasium, Olympic Park Hockey Hall, Olympic Park Archery Hall, Beijing University of Science and Technology Sports, Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, China Agricultural University Gymnasium, Olympic Shijingshan Sports Center, Olympic Chaoyang Gymnasium, In the design of the main venues represented by the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Games Haidian Gymnasium, it has become one of the few domestic manufacturers of lighting design and products for the Olympic Games.
At present, in addition to the continued supply, installation and commissioning of the National Convention Center project, the supply of other venue projects has ended. In particular, we are proud and proud that the project designed by Sanxiong Aurora has passed the acceptance of the Olympic Organizing Committee and experts, and they have been unanimously affirmed. After the acceptance of the experts, through the comprehensive evaluation of various data, it is concluded that the lighting design of these venues fully meets the high standards of the venue and meets or exceeds the lighting design level of previous Olympic venues. They believe that these venue lighting can meet the requirements of the 08 Olympic Games and landscape appreciation.

The three concepts of "Humanistic Olympics, Green Olympics, and Science and Technology Olympics" are the most basic requirements for the lighting design of the venues of the 08 Olympic Games. Since Sanxiong Aurora has been adhering to the "green energy-saving" product development and application concept since its establishment, its products The popularity of the company has long been known to the world and experts. The lighting design of the Olympic venues is also designed with the "Green Olympics" as its design concept, and its concept coincides with the design concept of Sanxiong and Aurora products.

For the venue design of such a grand Olympic project, Sanxiong·Aurora designers always implement and implement the “green energy-saving” concept as the only standard for product design and venue application design. Therefore, the design of each product we strive to design products can be integrated with the entire space structure, function planning and layout of the stadium, without destroying the original building characteristics and surrounding ecological environment. To meet these high-standard product design requirements, it is several times or even dozens of times more difficult than the product appearance, function and optical structure of the general venue to design, develop and produce.
National main stadium - Bird's Nest Design
Expert opinion: How to make the bird's nest have a red heart, how to make the " Bird's Nest" main building landscape echo the surrounding landscape lighting, forming a wonderful night view is the middle of the bird's nest stadium landscape design.
Since the outer layer of the "Bird's Nest" is designed with a steel frame structure, the inner layer of the main steel frame structure is the main stand structure. There is a passage between the main stand and the outer steel frame structure. The structure under the grandstand of the audience and the view from the top of the seat are the stepped "China Red" decorated with mahogany. "China Red" is the soul of the Chinese. The evolution of the Chinese red customs has documented the Chinese people's mental journey for thousands of years. After generations of inheritance, precipitation, deepening and sublation, the traditional essence has gradually become a Chinese cultural foundation. The active and enterprising complex, which is strong and inseparable, symbolizes the national character of enthusiasm, forge ahead and unity. This is why the “Bird's Nest” architects designed the building, why the “China Red” was designed as the main element of the “Bird's Nest”. Therefore, how to truly restore the Chinese cultural elements of "China Red" and let the bird's nest have a "red heart" is the focus and highlight of this bird's nest landscape design. After repeated discussions and argumentation, it is necessary to adopt the "shadowless lighting" design method to achieve this effect. After repeated trials and tests, I finally found a “T5 linear polarized wall washer” that can achieve this kind of non-negative lighting effect. After the product came out, it was verified by experts and fully met the original design intent of the architect. After continuous installation, debugging and determination of the spacing, the effect of "China Red" was successfully achieved. A total of nearly 4,000 sets of "T5 linear polarized wall washers" were used to achieve the "no shade" lighting effect.

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