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When people buy TVs, they often only pay attention to the price of the TV products themselves, and the problem of power consumption is often ignored by small partners. For the small-sized compilation of TV homes, the small energy consumption is said to be a loss of money. When it is large, it is closely related to environmental protection. So Xiao Bian uphold the principle of conservation decided to write an article on the traditional TV and Internet TV power consumption competition evaluation. The selected evaluation models include four smart TVs, the Micro Whale W49F, Le Vision Ultra 4 X50, Hisense LED50EC320A and Konka A49U.

Xiaobian separately tested two kinds of data:

1. There is no operation after the TV is turned on (most of the TV screens will appear);

2, online video mermaids are all set to ultra clear.

No operation for 1 hour

1 hour online play
From the small series in the figure above, the power consumption per hour is shown in the table below.

The difference in battery power between the same TV in the screen saver interface and online playback is not significant. But there is a big gap between the power consumption of different types of TVs.

Seeing here, everyone may not have a clear understanding of the power consumption of each TV. The following Xiao Bian will calculate a bill for everyone and use naked RMB to tell everyone about these invisible consumption.

If you watch 3 hours per day on weekdays and 10 hours per day on weekends, your TV will play 140 hours per month. According to Shenyang's current rate of 0.50 yuan/kWh.

The following figure shows the power consumption data of various TVs within 5 years:

Don't you know if you look scared and there is wood? Can be described as the accumulation of less, the cheapest to calculate the cheapest micro whale is more than 200 yuan cheaper than cool! 2 red grandpa's hair grandfather wood there?

to sum up:

Through testing, we can easily see that the power consumption cost of these four TVs is ranked as follows: Micro Whales, Haixin, LeTV, and Konka.

With respect to power consumption, which is entirely based on data, Xiao Bian does not need to explain too much. Whoever saves energy is a clear-cut thing. Some people may say that Xiao Bian is a big fuss. TVs have bought a lot worse than this, so Xiao Bian does not want to make more comments, only silently reply, "You have money, you wayward, you are happy!"

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