Do you still remember the colorful lights of the Sunshine Valley every night at the Shanghai World Expo, and do you know that the 300-square-meter LED screen of the Xujiahui Oriental Commercial Building has been in good condition for 10 years... The global energy shortage is heating up again. In the context of LEDs, LEDs are showing increasing application prospects. However, in addition to energy conservation, another attribute of LED has not yet attracted enough attention. In the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, hosted by the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Professor Zheng Yuxiang, Professor of Department of Optical Science and Engineering, School of Information Science and Engineering, Fudan University It is pointed out that the controllability of LEDs will bring changes to human lighting in the future, and research on this aspect should be strengthened.

LED chip can control lighting effects

The blue LEDs invented by Japanese scientists Akasaka, Amano, and Japanese-American scientist Nakamura Shuji brought humanity into the information age in lighting. Compared with the luminous efficiency of 70 lumens/watt in fluorescent lamps in the 20th century, the lighting efficiency of LEDs is It is four times more. It is said that Sanders, director of the British Institute of Physics, said that the world's lighting currently consumes more than 20% of the electricity supply. After using LED bulbs, the proportion will drop to 4%. This considerable energy-saving number, if combined with the controllable properties of the LED, can be tapped by 30%.

What is the control property of LED? It is better to take a look at the corridor of “Just to Light on” by Shanghai Jiu Gao Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.: When someone comes in during non-working hours, the lights will light up together and send the information to the owner’s mobile phone. If the thief comes in, it will be scary enough, which is equivalent to the security function of the lamp. This corridor is the research topic of indoor intelligent lighting in this year. It has not passed the acceptance test. There have been three orders, and the market has been sensitive to the fact that this is the direction of future development.

LED control can also save labor costs. Now if the street light is dim, it needs maintenance personnel to look at it with eyes. In the future, it is easy to know which street lights in the first row do not meet the specified requirements. Claim.

The brightness of people's demand for lighting is constant. The so-called intelligence is that the brightness of indoor lighting can be automatically changed according to the change of sunlight. Through the sensor, people can not even feel the existence of the lamp. When people go home at night, the lights are on. When the brightness is enough during the day, the lights are automatically turned off, and when the brightness is insufficient, the lights can consciously make up enough light.

These future scenarios need to be realized through intelligent control. The key to control lies in the chip. Zhang Tao, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that in the control of LEDs, we must have vision and imagination.

LED will be part of the material

In the imagination of scientists, the development of LED into the future is part of the material, that is to say, the future "lights" will exist in name only. The advantage of semiconductors is that you can make any shape based on any idea you put, wherever you want to put it and don't want to see it. Under this concept, perhaps in the future we will see the walls and ceilings in a room, and when the night falls, a certain area of ​​the ceiling will light up. The future is not to go to the LED market to choose the lights, but to the material market to choose the bright areas you want. This concept has been presented to everyone in the Expo area for a future life.

It is reported that Philips, an international lighting company, is currently studying the combination of semiconductors and materials.

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