The annual China Color TV Industry Annual Conference - "China Digital TV Annual Festival (5th)" was held in Beijing Wanshou Hotel. As the representative of converged terminals and applications under the background of “triple play”, topics such as “Internet TV” and digital TV all-in-one became the focus of this year's event. Skyworth Cool Open LED relies on excellent functional applications and excellent market performance. It has become the representative of the era of LED-backlit TV. Among them, E60 series cool-open LED won the "Internet TV Award of the Year", E80 series cool-open LED won the "Annual LED LCD TV Award" and "Digital TV Integrated Machine Award".

Internet LED popularity, having a portal is the key

Bai Weimin, secretary-general of the China Electronics Video Industry Association, said at the meeting: At present, China is at a critical stage in the upgrading and transformation of the color TV industry. Especially in the context of the integration of the three networks, "Internet TV" has become a hot spot for the development of the entire industry. Under the active promotion of domestic color TV companies such as Skyworth, China's Internet TV terminal industry has entered the forefront of the world.

At the same time, with the intensive introduction of a series of policies and standards of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, policy factors have become the decisive factor for the entire industrial chain and the construction of business models. With the formation of the "Internet TV station + integrated operation platform + Internet TV terminal" architecture A new healthy development industry is gestating.

As one of the earliest Internet TV companies to invest in research and development, Skyworth Group has already equipped the Internet interface as standard in all its high-end TVs, and is at the forefront of Internet TV. Different from other brands of Internet TV, Skyworth 46E60HR has the only TV portal - Cool Open. Cool Open Network is a TV portal created by Skyworth Group for Cool Open users. The website has a large amount of video, music, pictures and FLASH resources. Skyworth is also the only company that has reached strategic cooperation with three major IPTV operators - China Internet TV, BesTV and China Digital Interactive TV.

According to reports, Skyworth 46E60HR cool Internet LED-backlit TV, with full-featured Internet TV function, the product incorporates Internet technology, with online cool shadow, download search, online neighbors and other Internet resources sharing, to meet the massive choice of mass media Free entertainment needs.

"Others only provide Internet functions, we provide Internet solutions for customers." Skyworth Digital Research Institute said that the current Internet TV is valuable, content configuration is the key. Skyworth relies on a large number of genuine movie entertainment resources of Cool Open. The strategic cooperation website shares resources and allows customers to watch massive HD movies for free.

"According to the current trend, universal Internet TV is just around the corner. Skyworth Cool E60 series Internet TV has strong content resources, representing the trend of Internet TV development." Experts at the meeting said, "The competition of Internet TV is not only in itself, The bigger advantage is the background service."

It is also known that the Skyworth 46-inch Internet TV 46E60HR is priced at only 7,999 yuan, which is the world's most cost-effective LED products, making up for the popularity of Internet TV.

Cool open high-definition one machine

In addition to Internet TV, digital TV integrated TV and LED-backlit TV are also hot topics in the development of color TV industry.

The rapid advancement of cable digital TV and the continuous expansion of high-definition content have provided a solid foundation for the popularization of high-definition digital TV integrated devices. As of April this year, China's cable digital TV users have reached more than 70 million, HDTV content is not the same as today, taking Beijing as an example, Gehua Cable has transmitted 13 sets of HD channels, of which 4 sets are full HD channels. .

"At present, all HD channels are broadcast free of charge. The purpose is to stop the color TV industry and promote the upgrade of color TV terminals from SD to HD. In the process, operators will actively cooperate with color TV companies to launch HD integrated products. Luo Xiaobu, deputy general manager and chief operating officer of Gehua Cable, said.

As early as a few years ago, domestic and international color TVs have launched digital TV integrated products. In 2010, with the further maturity of the cable digital TV industry, many color TV companies have increased their investment in this area. In this respect, Skyworth is at the forefront of the industry. Skyworth has already reached an agreement with more than 70 cities across the country. In 2010, it plans to reach a joint sales of cable operators in 130 regions across the country. The sales volume is expected to exceed 1 million. station.

At the meeting, the Skyworth HD high-definition all-in-one E80 series won the "Digital One-Way Machine" at the conference. With the professional cool open network support, the world's first embedded ALL-HD digital core, without a set-top box, can be wired with a remote control. And full HD solutions for terrestrial wireless digital signals.

At the same time, adhering to the powerful multimedia entertainment features of Skyworth Cool Open LED, cool open HD integrated machine to achieve Internet data exchange, online movies, home K songs, music albums and other multimedia entertainment solutions.

It is reported that the cool open high-definition one is the only one in the world that adopts a highly integrated single-chip solution-ALL-HD system full HD system. It is a system platform for receiving, decoding and displaying wired digital signals and terrestrial wireless digital signals to realize high-definition digital processing. . It can effectively solve the problem that when the digital TV is used to watch the digital TV, the HD channel can't be seen, the two remote controllers are difficult to operate, the space is not beautiful, and the complicated signal loss of the connection is achieved, which has the effect of zero loss of the TV signal.

At present, the key to promoting the digital all-in-one is the cooperation with local radio and television bureaus. Skyworth digital set-top boxes occupy an absolute market advantage in the national market and have a good cooperation foundation with local radio and television bureaus. Skyworth Cool Open HD is the first to sign a cooperation agreement with the help of the market foundation previously laid. It is understood that this is a unique advantage of Skyworth, and other color TV brands have not launched large-scale negotiations.

Using Skyworth Coo HD high-definition machine, consumers can handle digital TV reception business, no need to install and purchase set-top box to achieve digital signal reception. The well-known digital all-in-one project has truly landed, and finally realizes direct viewing of HD channels, benefiting consumers. . Skyworth Cool Open HD E80 also designed the function of saving 300-500 channels to meet the needs of TV lovers.

Industry analysis, the successful cooperation between Skyworth and many city radio and television bureaus will fully promote the development of the cable digital all-in-one market and become a major driving force for popularizing digital TV. At the same time, with the high-definition World Cup, the pace of popularizing LEDs will go faster. . Therefore, some experts said that the Skyworth HD high-definition all-in-one E80 series won the "Digital TV All-in-One Award".

LED era is coming, Skyworth is ahead of schedule

LED-backlit TV is an important development direction of color TV technology in the next few years. According to relevant data, China's LED TVs have shown an unexpected growth rate in the first half of this year. A total of 71,756 LED LCD TVs were sold nationwide, accounting for 11.5% of total LCD TV sales, accounting for 22.6% of sales, compared with the same period last year. Less than 2%.

Liu Weizhi, general manager of Skyworth Group Marketing, said: "When five years ago, Skyworth identified LED-backlit TV as an inevitable development trend of the color TV industry. Therefore, Skyworth invested a lot of manpower and resources in the research and development phase. According to Aowei Consulting ( AVC) statistics, since October 2009, Skyworth Cool Open LED-backlit TV sales have risen month by month, has occupied the top of the market."

Under the leadership of Cool Open LED high-end products, Skyworth's number one position is becoming stronger. According to the data of Aowei Consulting (AVC), Skyworth has been the nation's overall sales and LCD sales for the second consecutive year. In the first half of this year, Skyworth Cool Open LED continued to triumph, and some cities have achieved astounding speeds.

This year, Skyworth started with the superstar Jay Chou as the image spokesperson, aiming to strengthen the entertainment spirit of Cool Open LED, emphasizing the status of TV in entertainment interaction and interconnection experience, and defining Skyworth TV as “Entertainment Cool”. The advent of the LED era will inject a strong booster into the entire color TV industry, and the companies that are the first to be laid out will also seize more business opportunities and thus dominate the LED market.

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