After the initial success of innovative IC products for smartphone applications, Cirrus Logic has expanded its standard product line to smartphone and mobile consumer electronics applications.

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The CS42L73 is a high quality, ultra low power audio codec designed for smartphones, while the CS35L0X is an analog input, hybrid Class D speaker amplifier developed for mobile communications and portable devices. With the company's technology leadership in portable audio products, these products can help designers solve multiple system challenges, including extending battery life, improving audio quality, simplifying signal management and reducing EMI while miniaturizing products.

Smartphones that integrate computers, mobile phones, and personal media players into one device are increasingly taking responsibility for effectively managing more interactive features and rich content. These applications place ever-increasing demands on higher processing performance and system power consumption – while consumers also want to achieve longer battery life. By offloading audio-related tasks, such as signal routing and processing, which are typically reserved for application processors, the CS42L73 codec helps power-hungry smartphones save power and extend battery life. Analysts at iSuppli expect smartphone sales to nearly double to 4.97 billion units by 2014.

Jason Rhode, President and CEO of Cirrus Logic, said: "Cirrus Logic is expanding its product line for customers in the mobile communications market. Our strategy is to continuously develop innovative products such as the CS42L73 and CS35L0X to solve practical problems in smartphones and portable devices. Especially to reduce system power consumption while maintaining high audio quality."

The CS42L73 is currently available with Infineon's XMM Gold 6260 reference design.

The CS42L73 features three serial audio interfaces and an asynchronous sample rate converter that manages complex routing, processing, and mixing tasks for a variety of multi-format audio signals, such as voice, music MP3, ring tones, and streaming audio, while increasing overall system efficiency. With a nominal power consumption as low as 4 milliwatts during voice calls, it is the lowest power consumption of any asynchronous sampling rate converter and signal path digital mixing engine on the market. The stereo playback performance of its headphones is even better because the CS42L73 consumes only 3.5 milliwatts.

The CS42L73 features two analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and four digital-to-analog converters (DACs) based on an advanced high quality and multi-bit delta-sigma architecture. The DAC can drive five outputs, including stereo centered Class H headphone and line drivers, earphone drivers, and low EMI handsfree speaker drivers. The analog front end supports line and microphone inputs through programmable gain amplifiers and automatic level control. The analog microphone also integrates two preamplifiers and a bias supply, as well as an interface for two digital microphones.

CS35L0X: Further Reduce Power Consumption and Improve Audio Performance In response to the multiple challenges of achieving high-quality audio for mobile handset applications while maintaining low noise and low power consumption, Cirrus Logic has also developed the CS35L00 (+6/+12 dB gain), CS35L01 (+6 dB gain) and CS35L03 (+12 dB gain) mixed Class D audio amplifier. This amplifier family features an advanced closed-loop delta-sigma architecture and patent-pending hybrid Class D technology that combines Class D efficiency and output power with low standby current consumption and minimal EMI for only AB amplifiers.

The CS35L00 series amplifier consumes only 0.9 milliamps of quiescent current, which is more than 40% lower than the nearest competitor. This advantage is mainly due to the patented technology of adjusting the amplifier voltage rail to accommodate the amplified signal and avoiding the power of the amplifier when it is idle or the output signal is low. The CS35L00 combines proprietary dynamic output switching frequency scaling and edge control for superior EMI performance, power consumption and audio quality. These ICs are not only for the smartphone and general mobile phone markets, but also for other consumer applications such as laptops, wireless headsets, digital cameras, camcorders and portable gaming devices.

Price and availability
The CS42L73 is available in a 64-ball WLCSP package and is priced at $1.95 per unit in 10,000-unit quantities. The CS35L00 is available in a 10-pin DFN package and the CS35L01/03 is available in a 9-ball WLCSP package that is pin compatible. Both ICs have been mass-produced. The CS35L00 is priced at $0.35 per unit in 10,000-unit quantities, and the CS35L01/03 is priced at $0.32 per unit in 10,000-piece quantities.

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