When Apple's external video card device Wolfe landed on Kickstarter crowdfunding, it took 30 hours to reach the goal and become a popular project. However, Xiao Bian recently learned that on the day before the end of crowdfunding, Wolfe cancelled the Kickstarter crowdfunding of the project.

As of the time when the crowdfunding project was cancelled, Wolfe had received generous gifts from 848 supporters, raising a total of approximately $320,000 in funds. Regarding the cancellation reason, they claimed that this was due to the uncertainty in obtaining the necessary product certification, so the crowdfunding plan was cancelled.

The following is their explanation:

Hello everyone,

We first want to thank all those who support us. Your enthusiasm has proved to the world that our common vision for Wolfe can become a reality.

We want to tell you some important news today. We want to cancel the crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter and give a full refund to everyone. Our success has attracted the attention of some big brands in the industry. They recently approached Wolfe. In these conversations, we found that there is uncertainty in obtaining the necessary product certification for Wolfe's Thunderbolt 2 (macOS) version.

Therefore, we think it is incorrect to accept financial support from everyone. However, these factors can allow us to bring better products to everyone in the future. We have already reached a cooperation relationship with new partners in the industry. We are also very excited about the next development of Wolfe and the future of the Kickstarter community.

Thank you, we will definitely come back.



Wolfe is an Apple Computer external graphics card designed to provide Apple Mac computers with a hardware solution to run a VR experience: a Thunderbolt external graphics card.

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