After the booming of smart TV, the homogenization of hardware and the rise of Internet TV, the times began to change. On the other hand, the reason why Internet TV is able to rise up in the traditionally strong TV manufacturers is that it may be a massive video resource, it may be a more affordable price, or even a more convenient operating system. But I don't think this is Simple hardware. In the Internet TV industry, the sudden emergence of LeTV is no accident. It is the most favorable embodiment of the survival of the fittest in the industry.

Recently, Xiao Bian has been fortunate enough to get the Super 4 X55 Curved real machine for the first time experience, in the next article Xiao Bian brings you the real machine experience for this product.

The appearance of ultra-thin curves highlights individuality

LeTV 4 X55 Curved's biggest feature is its design, 4000R arc of 4K display, stunning appearance, the actual perception of shock. The frame uses a silver aerospace-grade aluminum metal. The four corners are curved to match the curvature of the screen. The corners are more delicate and the workmanship is also very fine.

The curvature of the surface is very beautiful, and the overall screen is very book, filled with exquisite stylish temperament.

Contrast with the coin, probably the thickness of 4-5 coins, so a big TV screen, but also curved screen, can do so really valuable.

The back design is simple but there is no lack of stylish texture, the upper part of the solid metal material adds a sense of security to this slim screen.

LeTV 4 X55 Curved joins the base of the clouded leopard, using aluminum alloy material, the former two-color nano-spraying process after silver and black, so that it perfectly integrates with the fuselage. According to LeTV, its inspiration derives from the smart leap of the cloud leopard, its stretch and power styling, and its overall elegance and beauty.

The 4 X55 Curved expansion port is located on the left side of the back.

There are three HDMI2.0 interfaces, one USB2.0 and one 3.0 interface, three-in-one component input, AV input, computer audio input, computer VGA video input, optical fiber and audio output, and RJ-45 interface.

In the back of the music as the super 4 X55 Curved equipped with physical buttons, so that you can not find the remote control when you can control the TV.

LeTV 4 X55 Curved stylish thin, fox-faced screen is to bring a sense of agility to the living room, 4K fox face screen real sense of shock. As a whole experience, the Super 4 X55 Curved is indeed a flagship curved TV.

Manipulating humane EUI5.8 to meet user needs

The new EUI5.8TV-Springer operating system design is more user-friendly and more convenient to use. By opening the main interface of the operating system, we can clearly see that in order to enhance the interaction between the product and the user, the 4th generation super TV X55 Curved provides users with diverse contents such as film, sports, games, shopping, music, etc. Content classification can meet the needs of various user groups.

The maximum brightness of LeTV EUI5.8 system is a nine-grid live interface, a total of eight sections, nine-grid LIVE desktop can be previewed to three-way real-time dynamic video, eliminating the need to cut the table, found that the cursor can only stay in the screen Dynamic display, it is said that after the upgrade can reach 9 road dynamic display.

The Jiugongge only shows a part of the content, and more content needs to adjust the list mode. You can see that the sources are: source, children, application, LIVE, shopping, sports, etc. LIVE interface is a very comprehensive real-time live broadcast interface, you can watch a variety of game live, Super League, F1, as well as the Olympic Games and other live hunting camp. Transplanting the content of the Internet to television is a unique way that young people are very fond of.
The content is Wang Chang Wonderful movie

LeTV’s content service has always been the key to LeTV’s pride. Unlike traditional TV companies, LeTV has a wealth of content. Up to now, members have exclusive content, including more than 50 new films for movie theaters, including 24 large singles, averaging two per month; 500 episodes of popular single-play dramas, featured 1000 episodes of overseas film and television dramas, 3000+ Television members have exclusive library. In addition, ordinary users can still see more than 120,000 episodes of TV episodes, 6,000 movies, and 8,000 episodes of anime super film library. The privilege of members is to enjoy the HD version.

In addition to a large number of film and television resources, music as the quality of film and television resources is also very high, built-in 4K area, 3D library can meet the high quality needs. There are also some self-produced plays that are also very interesting. This is where music is unique.

Enhancing Entertainment Le Vision Game Center Redefining Big Screen

In 2015, Levision Game Center proposed to create "The First Domestic Somatosensory Game Platform": Gunfighters who specialize in music as super TV, boutique action games and explosives, and popular fighting games such as Cardinals will be launched at Leshi Game Center. The large-scale FPS game Modern Warfare 5 developed by Gameloft will also be officially launched. Through the combination of vertical somatosensory accessories, the control mode of the large-screen game will be redefined, effectively improving the user experience.

Restore really no HDR to make the picture more realistic

HDR technology is a major revolutionary technology in the television display industry. Currently, there are not many screens to support this technology. Basically, HDR technology can be used as a benchmark product by manufacturers. In terms of photography, HDR technology can enhance the contrast of the screen, allowing the original dark, lacking layered images to be displayed in front of you more vividly, purely and truly.

Using HDR technology in TVs, popularly speaking, it can achieve two functions. First, it allows you to see the details of the shadows. The second is to show more real shocking effects on high-light scenes. For example, the character is lying on the beach by the sea, The feeling of direct sunlight hitting the eye when you open your eyes, or the character standing on the surface of a desolate and dark planet, watching the sights of the interstellar carrier landing with the searchlight directly on him, HDR can make that feeling even more shocking.

To achieve the above two functions of HDR, let's not mention the source of the film. At present, it is mainly achieved through three technologies:

The first is that TV software supports HDR functions and can also be understood as supporting HDR decoding;

The second is meticulous division of light control, which is to divide the entire television into several areas on average to achieve different brightness in different areas;

Third, the peak brightness is high enough. The brightness of commercially available non-HDR ordinary LCD TVs will not exceed 150 nits. However, in order to realize the sensation of lighting and shock, the peak brightness needs to be at least doubled to provide sufficient results. 4 X55 Curved Curved Screen provides 250 nits of brightness;

Xiao Bian this time specifically to find a HDR video on the LeTV Super TV show, it really feels very different, the light effect is beautiful, great sense of reality.

to sum up:

The resources of LeTV Super TV can be described in terms of horror. In addition to the closed-circuit TV station, you can almost see all the videos that can be seen on the entire domestic network, plus more than 200 live channels. LeTV's self-produced plays and exclusive TV shows have all opened several levels of friendship. Before using other manufacturers' systems, every effort was made to install various apps to increase resource coverage. LeTV did not have this need at all. Of course, if you have special app preferences, you can install it easily and the system does not do it. Any restrictions.

LeTV 4 X55 Curved details of the workmanship and shell material is no one out of nothing, plus the praise of the remote control workmanship and feel good, Le super 4 X55 Curved surface workmanship has been a leader in network TV, It is no wonder that LeTV's experience center dares to open major shopping malls in major cities. The new EUI5.8 TV-Springer creates the ultimate eco-service. Massive content of film and television content rich content. Fun-filled children's table, let children grow up in healthy and happy. Excellent hardware configuration makes the product run smoothly in any game. The outstanding quality of performance allows people to feel the true beauty of the picture.

There are good hardware and display effects, of course, with a rich content resources, the combination of software and hardware can play the greatest value of a TV. In terms of content, it is recommended to install a sofa butler - the sofa butler is a third-party app store designed specifically for smart TVs, Android box users, carefully providing television, box users with high-quality television exclusive version of the application, including with live Or on-demand video and audio and video software, various types of recreational competitive video game software and daily office entertainment management system management tools. LeTV Super 4 series installation method

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