On August 17th, the LED industry chain procurement matchmaking conference-materials and equipment held in conjunction with the 2012 Gaogong LED Exhibition was successfully held in the afternoon of the opening day of the exhibition. Exhibitors from the middle and upper reaches of the LED industry chain presented their new products and the characteristics and applications of the main products in the market, effectively promoting the centralized face-to-face technical exchange and procurement between exhibitors and buyers. Docking.

For the heat dissipation technology, Li Lei, the general manager of Zibo Yinhe High-tech Development Co., Ltd., has its own unique insights. Li Lei analyzed the influence of thermal resistance of high-power LED packaging system on LED performance, and systematically expounded the structural characteristics of metal core printed circuit board materials, metal-based insulating board materials, metal matrix composite materials, ceramic copper-clad materials (DBC) and so on. Thermal conductivity.

He believes that traditional packaging materials have certain limitations, and composite materials have excellent comprehensive performance, which can meet the requirements of high-power LEDs for heat dissipation. It is the focus of future research on packaging materials, especially ceramic-based composite materials (DBC). It has a broader application prospect, and he also pointed out that optimizing the preparation process and reducing the production cost are the problems that need to be solved.

Copper Core Fire Resistant Cable(FR cable) is copper core  electrical cables with PVC or XLPE insulation. This cable is suitable for those places with fire resistance requirement. With fire resisting insulator,  this cable can ensure to keep normal electrical power on within a certain time if the fire happens. Especially suitable for electric power distribution in fire emergency system such as fire alarm, fire-fighting facility, urgent evacuation.


Product Features

l  Light weight & long lifetime 

l  Reliable and efficient

l  Safe and secure

l  Easy to implement in the circuits


Using features:

l  Rated power-frequency voltage Uo/U: 0.6/1kV 

l  Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor:

PVC Type: 70℃,

XLPE Type: 90℃

Max. temperature of conductor during short-circuit(5s maximum duration) shall not exceed: 

PVC Type:160℃

XLPE Type:250℃

l  The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0℃.

electrical power cables with fire resistant insulationfire resisting insulator power cablesCopper core fire resistant power cables

l  Steel mills and wind power mills

l  EOT Cranes& Ships

l  Airport lighting

l  Nuclear and thermal power stations

l  Electrical and textile machines

l  Construction equipments


Q: Are you a factory or trading company? 
A : We are a manufacturer. We are professional in developing and producing electrical wires and cables since 2001.


Q: Can I visit your factory? 

A :Yes!  You are welcome to visit our factory for further detail check.

Our factory is located in Minqing,Fujian.You could choose to fly to Xiamen/Fuzhou International airport. And tell us your flight No. We will arrange to pick you up if you like.


Q: May I buy samples from you? 

A: Yes! You are welcome to place sample order to test our superior quality and services.


Q: Can you put my brand name (logo) on these products?

A: Yes! Our factory accepts to print your logo on the products.


Q: May I know the status of my order?

A: Yes .The order information and photos at different production stage of your order will be sent to you and the information will be updated in time.


We are professional manufacturer of electrical fire retardant cables, our products are produced according to IEC testing standard. Welcome to visit our factory.

Copper Core Fire Resistant Power Cable

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