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The LED substrate sapphire crystal growth furnace market has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers such as Russian monocrystal, US TT, and Korean stc. The problems of high equipment price, long delivery time and difficult operation have always restricted the development of domestic LED sapphire substrate enterprises. The market urgently needs domestic equipment to fill the gap in the industry. Even in a short time, domestic equipment cannot be accepted by the market. However, the high price of foreign equipment will also have a certain inhibitory effect. According to Xu Jiaqing, chief engineer of Jinglandi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Crystal Land”), domestic equipment is almost 20-30% lower than that of foreign countries in terms of equipment shipping price.

According to the data of the High-tech LED Research Institute, the current sapphire substrate planning capacity has been surplus, and the domestic sapphire crystal growth project has become more rational, which obviously does not match the current research and development enthusiasm of the crystal growth furnace equipment.

Since 2011, at least 10 companies in China have invested in the research and development of crystal growth furnace equipment. Some manufacturers have already shipped in small quantities or in volume production, but the overall profitability is not ideal.

In 2011, Jinglandi announced the successful trial of sapphire crystal growth furnace equipment. At present, the 85 kg class growth equipment has entered the stability test period and is expected to be put into the market in the second half of 2012.

Breakthrough in domestic sapphire crystal growth furnace technology
From the current research and development situation, the growth furnace using the bubble method has a large market share. According to Xu Jiaqing, the reason why Jinglandi chose the bubble method is to consider the stability of its technology. Compared with other methods, the bubble growth method has less crystal impurities, low dislocation density (<1000cm2), scattering particles and The bubbles are relatively small, the crystal stress is small, and it is not easy to crack in the subsequent processing processes of crowbar, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc., and the flatness of the finished wafer is good. In addition, the bubble method is suitable for the growth of oversized sapphire crystals, thereby meeting the development needs of large-scale LED substrates.

In the design of the furnace body, the crystal blue has made some improvements. According to Xu Jiaqing, the key technologies of the sapphire growth furnace are mainly concentrated on the design of the thermal field. Since the growth of sapphire belongs to the unidirectional growth of the fixed freezing point, the temperature distribution of the melt in the crucible must satisfy a certain temperature gradient from top to bottom to grow the ideal sapphire crystal. Sapphire has a freezing point of more than 2000 degrees and production must be done under high vacuum conditions. In addition, the temperature is different at different heights, so it is difficult to design the temperature field by direct real-time monitoring and multi-point measurement. In the design of the thermal field, Jinglandi Company comprehensively considers the influence of heating elements, thermal protection, squatting, seed crystal heat exchanger and other aspects of thermal field components, through computer thermal field simulation, theoretical calculation, experience and experiment. , precisely designed temperature gradient.


For more information, please refer to the May issue of "High-tech LED-Technology and Applications" magazine.

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