After dragging it for a few days, when it was revised, it was discovered that Amazon had special prices. We quickly rushed to grab it.

Go straight into the topic.

Out of the box

Simple and generous, wireless control version.

Staff in the store said that there was a Samsung Galaxy version but it was not sold.

Compared with the SoundTrue On Ear box previously purchased, the earbud box is even larger than the headset and the paper box is thicker.

Back and side, model information, etc.

Pull type, Bose blue. The box is stiff, workmanship is good, and it is worth the price.

Turn it over, first covered with a black sponge, play a role in cushioning.

Open the sponge to reveal the body, I have been separated, and I will not go back. . . .

Everything in the package. (And no one sees) instructions, a total of three sets of earplugs, headphones and headphones.

Three earplugs are currently being used in the smallest, soft. Although it is the smallest number, the right ear is still somewhat uncomfortable. The biggest number is black, I do not know why. The included color headphones package is very beautiful and personal. It is rarely used at ordinary times. When the headphones are not in use, they are put directly into drawers, put into backpacks, and rolled into pockets.


There is a small clip that affects the appearance and the line is not very thick.

Branch line.

Plug, straight. It's better to bend, and less likely to be damaged.

Close up. Black hole. Do you feel a strong attraction?

Take off the set, like a hair dryer.

The end of the blueprint.

Currently used for more than a week, still satisfied, when used in sports, usually go to work to listen (body with a few headphones strange trouble), the sound is always booming, fairly safe in a quiet place. On the subway, sound insulation is poor. It seems to be a problem with my cell phone. The sound volume at 70% is still not that big, and switching to the iPod Shuffle is much better.

to sum up


Pretty (personal opinion)

Wear firm and comfortable (differs from person to person)

Sound quality is acceptable (requirements are not high)

Excellent workmanship (prices are there)

Not buying:

It is said that it will be corroded by sweat (this is what sports headphones are called)

Low cost (how expensive is there anything expensive)

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