USA - Philips Color Kinetics ( http:// ) announced that its eW Downlight Powercore LED fixture (65 beam angle, 2700 K and 4000K only) has been awarded the ENERGY STAR label.

Meeting the strict efficiency and performance criteria set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy, eW Downlight Powercore demonstrates that energy-efficient, simple-to-use LED lighting fixtures are available now, without sacrificing quality of light.

To meet ENERGY STAR qualifications for both residential and commercial applications, LED fixtures need to use 75% less energy and last 35 times longer than comparable incandescent light fixtures, while providing exceptional color quality. eW Downlight Powercore - a low-profile LED downlight - surpasses These measures consuming 80% less energy and lasting 40 times longer than incandescent alternatives.

After to its incandescent and halogen counterparts, eW Downlight Powercore also boasts long source life, operational efficiency, durability, and a cool beam of light with no IR or UV emissions. Powered directly by line voltage to simplify installation, and compatible with commercially available ELV -type line voltage dimmers, eW Downlight Powercore is easily adapted to existing lighting infrastructures. (Available now)

Also at the National Electrical Contractor Associations (NECA) annual trade show, Philips Color Kinetics will unveil its newest fixture, eW Cove QLX Powercore. This new high-performance cove light was recently named LED Cove Lighting winner for the American Lighting Associations 2009 Lighting for Tomorrow competition, which seeks the best, white-light LED fixtures for general illumination, judged on lighting performance, style, and energy efficiency.

An elegant, linear LED cove lighting fixture, eW Cove QLX Powercore delivers high-quality, uniform white or single color light. With output of up to 300 lumens per foot, long lifetime, superior energy efficiency, and virtually maintenance-free operation, this Fixture represents a viable and affordable alternative to traditional fluorescent and incandescent cove lighting sources.

eW Cove QLX Powercore offers extraordinary design flexibility with four color temperatures ranging from 2700 K to 4000 K, four fixed colors, wide and medium beam angles, and two lengths. (Available Q4 2009)

These two fixtures, along with other Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting fixtures on display at NECA (booth 631), demonstrate how LED technology can be applied in a variety of applications. From advanced systems for dynamic installations to simplified fixtures for everyday applications, Philips Color Kinetics offers solutions that are easy to use and install, and that require little maintenance.

LED outdoor lighting provides aesthetic beauty and utility to architecture. It light building, pathways, walls, garden, fountain, etc. almost anything outdoors you want to illuminate. Our high quality fixtures come in variety of finishes, sizes and styles to reflect project requirement.
LED outdoor lights are either a wide voltage AC85-265V system or low voltage 12V/24V system. Of course wide voltage is very convenient for installation and use. Low voltage systems require a transformer or power supply which converts the high voltage to 12V/24V. It has advantages allowing the lighting fixtures to be smaller in size and is safer round people and pets.
Our LED outdoor lighting technology and quality control system will bring the outdoor illumination solution perfectly and make the project more economical in its operation.
LED outdoor lighting cover kinds of category, there are Led Flood Light, street light, High Bay Light, wall washer light, underground light, underwater light, spike light, wall light, step light, Digital Tube light, point light, strip light and other Decoration Lighting.
We are manufacturer, not only product we care, but also lighting solution. You will get suitable advice.

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