News that Microsoft completed Win8 development this summer March 20 news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft will complete the development of the Windows 8 operating system this summer, or will be released in October this year, the new flagship operating system.

According to informed sources, no more than five devices will be used to operate the ARM system's on-chip architecture. As a result, Microsoft's tablet devices will become thinner. Microsoft hopes to take advantage of this advantage to enter the tablet market piloted by the Apple iPad, and Apple has said that since the company released the third-generation iPad on March 7, the latest iPad has reached 3 million units.

Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 8 in October was basically in line with what analysts expected. Foreign media pointed out that Microsoft may disclose details of its release schedule in early April.

Microsoft last month said that the company plans to release the ARM chip version of Windows 8 at the time of the release of the x86 chip version of Windows. Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft's Windows division, said, "Our common goal is to ship Windows 8 on both traditional Windows PCs and ARM chips."

Analysts believe that compared to Apple's popular iPad, Microsoft's thinner and lighter tablet PCs only provide users with a substitute. Although computers running x86 chips are much larger than the iPad and ARM versions of Windows 8, some Microsoft partners may still be able to produce computers running x86 chips.

Foreign media also reported that on the occasion of the release of Windows 8, computers running x86 architecture will break through 40 models.

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