First, the equal intensity curve represented by the sphere

1. The light source is placed in the center of the sphere

2. The size of the light source can meet the conditions of the point source compared with the radius of the sphere.

3. The coordinates on the sphere can be used to indicate the light in this direction.

4, the points on the spherical surface with equal light intensity are connected, that is, the light intensity curve as shown in the figure

Second, the space coordinate system

In order to express the luminosity characteristics of the luminaire, a space coordinate system was established.

The space coordinate system is divided into two categories:

Luminaire luminosity reference axial A-α, B-β, C-γ

Luminaire luminosity reference axis level XY, VH

A-α, B-β, C-γ system

Characteristics of A-α, B-β, C-γ coordinate system:

Suitable for all kinds of indoor lighting and road lighting

The optical axis of the luminaire is vertically downward:

A, B, C indicate the change of longitude

α, β, γ represent changes in latitude

Third, the conversion between A-α, B-β, C-γ systems

Fourth, the space coordinate system - XY, VH system

Features of XY and VH coordinate systems:

1. For floodlighting, signal lighting, and some movie stage lighting

2, the light axis of the lamp is placed horizontally

3, X, V represents the change of longitude; Y, H represents the change of latitude

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