IT168 Information LG, Lenovo and Huawei confirmed that they will not introduce any smart watches this year. The three largest Android Wear manufacturers confirmed to media CNET that they will not release new hardware in 2016. LG is the only one of the three companies that has launched a smart watch this year.

This year's IFA 2016 in Berlin is undoubtedly a good stage for many manufacturers to display new products. Although we have seen many new smart phones, Motorola has not released the third generation of Moto 360, and Huawei has not launched a follow-up product of Huawei Watch.

So why are these manufacturers no longer introducing new products this year? This foreign media speculates that the manufacturers have not made a good balance between LTE network, battery life, and design. There is no willingness to blindly introduce new products to the market. According to the survey results of CCS Insight, a market research organization, more people are willing to use cheaper fitness wristbands than smart watches.

Handheld Unit Encoder

The handheld addresser is used to program the address of the monitoring module offline. When in use, connect the two output wires of the handheld encoder to the communication bus terminal (terminal label 1, 2) of the monitoring module, turn on the black power switch on the right side upwards, and press "ten Add", [Subtract ten", [Add one place" and [Subtract one place" to program the address.

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