Tender 3 Part-December 2016 Datang Environment Shenyang Huachuang Wind Energy Co., Ltd. 3.0MW Semi-direct Drive Wind Turbine Speed ​​Increaser Box Association Tender Notice

Pursuant to the “PRC Tender and Bidding Law,” and following the principles of openness, fairness, fairness, and good faith, we are now conducting an open tender for the 3.0 MW semi-direct drive wind turbine generator speed increase box association of Shenyang Huachuang Wind Energy Co., Ltd. The announcement is as follows:

1. Bidding project: Shenyang Huachuang Wind Energy Co., Ltd. 3.0MW semi-direct drive wind turbine generator speed increase box

2. Project size: Shenyang Huachuang Wind Energy Co., Ltd. 3.0MW semi-direct drive wind turbine generator speed increase box

3. Construction site: Interprovincial.

4, the scope of tender:

The content of this bidding is Shenyang 3.0MW semi-direct drive wind turbine generator speed increase box association of Shenyang Huachuang Wind Power Co., Ltd. The main scope is as follows:


Tender number

Device name

Number of tenders

Bidding ratio

Delivery Method



3.0 MW semi-direct drive wind turbine speed increase package 1

About 96 sets (16 wind farms and 16 wind farms)

50% of annual forecast

Car delivery


3.0 MW semi-direct drive wind turbine speed increase bags 2

30% of annual forecast


3.0 MW semi-direct drive wind turbine speed increase bags 3

20% of annual forecast

The detailed bidding scope is based on the bidding documents. The quantity of tenders is estimated, actual supply quantity is subject to specific projects, and the proportion of bids remains unchanged.

5. Delivery date: After the contract is signed, it will be delivered within 150 days after receiving the notice from the tenderer.

6. Qualification requirements and qualification requirements of bidders:

The bidder shall have the ability to perform the contract and shall meet the following conditions:

6.1 The Bidder shall be a legal person or other organization that has the ability to perform and assume legal responsibilities. It shall have a valid business license (three certificates in one) or a valid business license, tax registration certificate, and organization code certificate.

6.2 The bidder is in good operating condition and has not been ordered to suspend business, property has been taken over, frozen or bankruptcy, and it can meet the following financial requirements:

(1) The registered capital of the company is not less than 10 million yuan;

6.3 This tender only allows the manufacturer to bid. The bidder shall meet the following qualification and performance requirements:

(1) has an effective quality management system certification;

(2) A type certification report issued by a domestic and international authoritative certification body;

(3) Proof of supply performance of no less than 2 wind turbines with 1.5MW or above, and provide supporting documents.

6.4 The bidder shall meet the following requirements for credibility:

(1) There is no bad record in China Datang Corporation and its subsidiaries;

(2) In the past three years, during the fulfillment of the supply contract, after-sales service and product operation, there was no breach of contract after the successful bidder, serious violation of the contract provisions during the performance process, and major quality problems in the supply products;

6.5 This tender does not accept the consortium bid.

7, registration method:

7.1 Ways to Obtain Bidding Documents: All bidders who are interested in participating in the bidding shall register and log in.

Bidding Documents Available: November 15, 2016 to November 25, 2016

Deadline for submitting tender documents: 10:00, December 6, 2016.

Place of delivery: Beijing (subject to notification of bid opening, bid opening notification will be issued to all bidders 5 days before the bid opening).

Submission method: Prior to the deadline for submitting tender documents, all potential bidders submitted paper tender documents and their electronic versions according to the requirements of the bidding documents, and completed the work of uploading the electronic bidding documents of the platform. If the documents are delivered late or not delivered to the designated place or are not sealed as required, the tenderee will not accept it.

7.2 The opening of the bid is subject to electronic bid opening. For bidders who are not familiar with the online bidding operation, we will hold a training conference.

Training content: For the bidding operation and application of the platform system, China Water Resources Co., Ltd. provides on-site training for suppliers who come to bid, and provides electronic key and bidding file upload support services. Suppliers must bring laptops and electronic keys to the site. . If we fail to participate in the training on time, resulting in the failure to upload the bidding documents, we will not bear the related responsibility.

Price of bids: 2723 yuan (non-refundable after-sales service) (No matter how many packages are submitted under each bid, a total of one bid fee can be submitted). After receiving the telegraphic transfer receipt, potential bidders can download the bidding documents on the website.

Contact: Qian Yong





In order to ensure that you can bid smoothly, please consult the bidding agency or the tenderer for detailed requirements for bidding before bidding or purchasing the bidding documents. The specific requirements and project conditions shall be interpreted by the bidding agency or the tenderee.

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