Non-isolation chips have always played an important role in LED lighting applications. Compared with isolated products, they have higher efficiency in architecture and lower system cost, and occupy less space. Gradually become a mainstream program.

Silan Microelectronics has introduced a series of driver chip SD690XS series for high performance non-isolated LED lighting driver applications. This series of chips belongs to the drive circuit of the built-in high-voltage MOS tube. It can be called a true constant current source. It can detect and control the real output current in real time, and output current changes when the input voltage, output voltage, and peripheral inductance change. Very small. SD690XS uses a number of patented technologies, with excellent performance, high PFC, high constant current accuracy and high conversion efficiency. It can be widely used in various LED lighting applications such as bulbs and T5/T8LED lamps.

The SD690XS has the following advantages:

1: Built-in 600V high-voltage power MOSFET, SD6901S, SD6902S and SD6904S respectively have different current levels of MOS to meet the needs of different power segments. Among them, SD6904S has 4A current capability MOS, adopts SOP7 miniaturized package, which is the only one in the industry. Built-in MOS circuit (small package) with voltages up to 18W.

2: With very good current consistency, using the patented technology of the constant current control mode of Silan Micro, the output current is directly collected, and the current is controlled by the error amplifier. The consistency of the constant current accuracy can be within ±3%.

3: The chip can work over a wide voltage range. The SD690XS uses a unique constant current control mode. The input voltage can vary from 85V to 265V, and the output current varies by less than ±1%.

4: Using floating technology, it can be used for non-auxiliary winding power supply technology, which can effectively reduce costs.

In addition to the above advantages, the SD690XS also comes with its own PFC control function, which automatically realizes a high PF value in the full voltage range (full voltage input range PF>0.9). At the same time, the chip adopts the bottom-open mode, which can reduce the switching loss and improve the system conversion efficiency. In 18W applications, the conversion efficiency is higher than 93%.

In addition, the chip integrates various protection functions, including output open circuit protection, output short circuit protection, cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection, over temperature protection and VCC overvoltage protection. Among them, LED short-circuit protection also uses the patented technology of Silan Microelectronics, which can make the chip achieve extremely low output short-circuit protection power consumption (short-circuit power consumption <0.5W at 18W) under abnormal conditions of output short circuit. Avoid damage to circuits and peripheral components. The SD690XS chip is based on the BiCMOS process independently developed by Silan Microelectronics. It adopts the SOP7 package form and has outstanding features such as high integration, few peripheral components, and easy machine debugging.

Silan Microelectronics has long been focusing on providing complete lighting management solutions for LED lighting. Among the non-isolated solutions, SD690XS series chips mainly have the following varieties, which can input 3 to 18W power range at full voltage:

SD6901S built-in 1N60

SD6902S built-in 2N60

SD6904S built-in 4N60

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