An ordinary LED bulb may be difficult to find a design innovation in addition to a technical breakthrough, but it is hard to beat a designer with super-technical skills.

The King Edison bulb was made in the name of the inventor Edison. There is a miniature chandelier in the glass cover. From the ring to the carving, it is so fine. When a small light bulb on the candlestick is lit, the wonderful is really hard to say. Table!

Indoor wifi smart sphere lamp,RGB color,Brightness adjustable

Can be used to control the status of the luminaire in three ways.

  • Control by button
  •  Configure Wi-Fi device control via mobile phone
  • Voice control through cooperation with third-party voice assistants ECHO and Google Home

 The Wi-Fi configuration:

  •  Indicator flashes quickly, according to the EZ configuration method;
  • Press and hold again for more than 5 seconds while flashing. The indicator flashes slowly and enters the AP configuration state.
  • If it is not configured within 3 minutes after flashing, the lamp will be cold and cool 50%)

Lba01 W 2

WIFI Sphere Lamp

Wifi Swimming Pool Light,Home Decoration, Glass Lamp, Crystal Ball

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