In July, the national automobile production reached 1,195,600 units, an increase of 28.90% year-on-year, and sales of 1,891,900 units, an increase of 23.03%. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as the China Automobile Association) announced the above data on August 12.

Chen Shihua, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Association, said that July was the off-season of automobile production and sales. The absolute number of production and sales this year was not high. The main reason for the rapid growth of the index year-on-year was the low base in the same period last year. The data also shows that production and sales in July have declined compared to June.

In the same period last year, the macroeconomic weakness was superimposed on the impact of “stock disasters” and car sales were at historically low levels. Passenger car sales showed a rare continuous negative growth, with a 6.6% drop in July and a 3.3% drop in August.

Thanks to the policy of reducing the purchase tax of 1.6L and below implemented by the State Council last October, the auto market began to resume positive growth. According to July sales data, the displacement models of 1.6L and below accounted for 71.3%. The China Automobile Association believes that the above-mentioned favorable policies were originally planned to expire at the end of this year, which will have a negative impact on the automobile market.

The data of the China Automobile Association also showed that from January to July this year, the national automobile production and sales was 14.8543 million and 14.689 million, an increase of 8.99% and 9.84%. The growth rate of passenger car production and sales was higher than that of the automobile. The production and sales of passenger cars in July were 1,17,800 and 1,600,500 respectively, an increase of 31.83% and 26.26%.

Similar to the first quarter of this year, the growth of passenger car sales is still mainly driven by SUVs and MPVs, and sales of the two companies increased by 47.36% and 36.41% respectively. From January to July, the number of SUVs increased by 1.374 million units, while that of cars during the same period decreased by 98,000 units.

Driven by the SUV market, the market share of China's own brands, which has an advantage in the number and price of models, has further increased. In July, self-owned brands accounted for half of the SUV market, reaching 54.1%, an increase of 3.4%.

Guangzhou Automobile Group (601238.SH) announced on August 5 that the sales announcement in July showed that from January to July this year, only the SUV product category achieved a substantial increase of 121.89%, and the rest of the categories all declined, but the SUV led the sales of the Guangzhou Automobile Group. Achieved 29.74% growth.

The sales of SAIC (01958.HK) SUV increased by 874.54%, while the car products fell by nearly 80%.

However, as more models join the SUV market and began to show the characteristics of the Red Sea, several best-selling models have reduced their prices. At the same time, independent brands have a heavy dependence on individual models.

Take the SUV category sales champion Great Wall Motor as an example. The total sales volume of its SUV products in July was 57,000. The sales volume of a Haval H6 product reached 37,000, and the sales volume of H2 was 10,000. There are 8 SUV models in the Great Wall. This phenomenon is more obvious in the Guangzhou Automobile passenger car, and its main sales model is only a GS4.

Industry insiders told Caixin reporter: "Only relying on a best-selling product, once the market structure changes in the future, it will bring violent fluctuations to the company."

For the market outlook in the second half of the year, Xu Haidong, assistant secretary-general of the China Automobile Association, told Caixin reporter that the base number in the fourth quarter of 2015 was relatively high. In 2016, the overall development of the automotive industry was smooth. The growth rate in the last few months of this year is likely to be affected by the base. And fall back.

The China Automobile Industry Climate Index released by the China Automobile Association on August 12 also shows that the downward pressure on the macro economy of the auto industry has increased, the auto industry has shown a trend of cold, and the industry operation has initially shown downward pressure.

Attachment: SUV model July sales ranking

Haval H6 39,100

Chuanqi GS4 2.76 million

Honda CRV 18.86 million

Buick Angke 16,000 vehicles

Baojun 560 1.56 million

Honda X-RV 14.2 million

Chery Tiggo 141,000

Volkswagen Tiguan 141,000

Honda Binzhi 140,000

Nissan Qijun 131,000

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